CryptoWhat does The Term Crypto Whale mean? Informative Guide...

What does The Term Crypto Whale mean? Informative Guide from KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange


KuCoin is one of the world’s largest and most advanced blockchain asset exchanges. The company provides users with a safe and reliable digital currency trading platform. KuCoin is a digital asset exchange platform with an excellent trading system and user interface designed to give traders and investors a good experience.

KuCoin offers many types of coins, including some of the newest in the industry such as SHIB USDT. It has a wide variety of coins. The Coin can be stored in the KuCoin wallet, which is safe on the KuCoin website.

In this Article, KuCoin defines what a crypto whale is, how they make its profits, how to identify them and some of the benefits of trading with them.

What are Crypto Whales?

A crypto whale is a trader that holds a large amount of cryptocurrency and has an immense sway on the market. These traders can easily manipulate prices with just one trade because they have such significant amounts in reserve.

The term ” crypto whale ” is also called ” Cryptocurrency Whale ” or sometimes ” Whale ” alone and is used to describe people whose wealth has been built up by owning cryptocurrencies. The term derives from ” whale ” , an informal nickname for any large individual trader in traditional financial markets.

These whales do not make a transaction on the traditional cryptocurrency market. They usually buy and sell their currency over the Counter ( OTC ) because they have large amounts of cryptocurrency, so buying and selling on a traditional website can make a difference in the crypto market.

How do they make their profits?

Crypto whales often profit by trading at key moments when they know there will be big swings in the market or want to buy or sell at particular price points. This can allow them to always profit from big moves in cryptocurrency prices, even if those moves happen out of nowhere, because these traders are so invested in holding onto these currencies for long periods.

Crypto whales hold some of the largest positions in various cryptocurrencies. There are many theories about what crypto whales do, but the most common theory is that they are moving the price of cryptocurrencies on purpose to sell them at a higher price later.

A cryptocurrency whale is someone who holds a large number of coins and can change the market by selling all their holdings.Crypto whales are so called because they can manipulate the market with their huge weight. They are closely related to the whales in the stock market.

This article will look at what a crypto whale is, how they work, and why they are important to cryptocurrency platforms.A cryptocurrency exchange is an excellent marketplace where people can buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency exchanges allow the trading of fiat money, such as dollars and euros, by using different digital currencies such as KuCoin, Bitcoin Cash ( BCH ) , Litecoin ( LTC ) or Dash ( DASH )

How Investors meant to a Crypto Whale

Investors invest in a cryptocurrency when they believe it will increase in value over time. A crypto whale has invested such a large amount of money in a cryptocurrency that its decisions can substantially affect the market.

Investors buy crypto whales because they anticipate the crypto’s future increases in value.

Investors are often referred to as ” whales ” , One man, Kyle Samani, was recently called the ” crypto whale ” for his investments.

How does Whale look, Market Cap?

As the market cap of a cryptocurrency increases, it becomes more difficult for smaller investors to acquire a significant stake. Watching and waiting for an opportunity to invest to sell at higher prices is known as ” whale watching. “


In the above Article, we have seen who crypto whales are and how they can make a difference in currency rates in the crypto market. How do they make their profits? Crypto whales are those individuals who have a huge amount of cryptocurrencies in their wallets. They usually profit by watching the current crypto market rates and knowing when to transact, buy, or sell those currencies.

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