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What Are High-Performance Industrial Vacuums and How Do They Work?


An industrial vacuum is of higher quality, more durable, and is suitable for commercial uses. They are created for a larger task and heavier materials than those made for use in the home and will last longer under those usage conditions. Several types of high-performance vacuums, in addition to the pneumatic conveyor, are available for a range of workplaces, including office cleaning, construction sites, and warehouses.

Industrial Vacuum vs. Residential

A residential or home use vacuum is a lightweight vacuum that can be used for small clean-ups and carpets. They are suited for general use for a few years without overworking the motor or using it to pick up heavy materials. However, an industrial vacuum will pick up heavier materials and withstand heavy usage. Built with stronger materials and a more powerful motor, and are created to withstand larger areas and work for more extended periods of time each day. 

Types of Industrial Vacuum

To fit all of the industrial needs for a vacuum, several types of high-performance and industrial vacuums are available. A straightforward commercial vacuum is intended for office cleaning, car cleaning, and other lighter tasks that take longer than residential cleaning. In contrast, a wet and dry vacuum will clean damp carpets or remove standing water as needed. For heavier workloads, there are heavy-duty single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners, as well as three-phase and high power three-phase vacuum cleaners. 

For specialized vacuums to fit other work environments, there are industrial vacuums that are intended for shavings, that can vacuum metal and oil as needed, air-operated vacuums, and central vacuums to centralize the motor and allowing for only hoses and the vacuum head to be moved around the building to each room. 

Fixed extraction machines will have a vacuum to remove any extra portions and keep dust and debris cleared. Some machines will require a vacuum that runs continuously to remove the scraps and waste created by the machine, including keeping dust cleared away to avoid fire hazards.

Selecting the Industrial Vacuum for the Job

Due to the installation concerns with some of the vacuum types, it is important to consider the needs of the business before selecting the vacuum that is best suited for the tasks you require and ensure that any installation process can be completed before operations begin. For example, a central vacuum allows for flexibility in equipment and will work for light jobs such as an office or school cleaning, while a dust extraction vacuum is installed where dust will gather and can be a fire risk. If you will be working with or around water, a wet and dry vacuum is needed, and for spaces with working machinery that create scraps and waste during their use, a continuous vacuum will be required to clear it away.

Using the correct industrial vacuum for each purpose ensures the workplace’s safety for everyone and will save money on repairs and replacements that occur when the wrong one is used for the job.

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