AutomotiveWhat are forestry trucks?

What are forestry trucks?


Forestry is on the rise all around the world. Both logging and afforestation works are commissioned daily for various purposes. To cater to this rise in demand, private companies and contractors offer different options and services. Equipment like a chipper truck is for sale, and services like equipment rentals are open. Forestry is a laborious job, and to ease the process, many pieces of machinery are used. Trucks are possibly the most important machines used in forestry. They are used to clear waste, carry other heavy equipment, clear out and transport huge logs and trees, and more.

Different forestry trucks 

A variety of trucks are used in forestry. Each truck is built specially to suit its function. Some trucks can change certain attachments to alter their functionality, apart from the vehicles themselves. Broadly, these trucks can be classified as;

  • Boom trucks: These are vehicles that have a crane mounted in the back of their chassis; they are used to lift heavy logs and branches and sometimes stabilize a tree during cutting. They are classified based on the maximum weight they can lift. 
  • Bucket trucks: Trucks having extendable, hydraulic booms attached to man-carrying buckets are called bucket trucks. We see these used in tree maintenance and trimming. They help reach the high branches for easy access.
  • Chip trucks: Chip trucks are used to carry heavy debris that comes with trees and all the equipment needed for the job. These also solve the problem of transportation in hard-to-reach places with their powerful engines made for all terrains.
  • Dump trucks: As the name suggests, dump trucks are used plainly to transport logs from place to place.

Why Chip trucks out of all of them?

The demand for chip trucks is consistently high because of their necessity. Tree companies always need a chip truck to clear away all the debris and the fallout after the job, making it an essential vehicle. Chip trucks also have a huge replacement market, meaning the owners of chip trucks always come back to replace their old trucks with new ones after a while. Besides, chip trucks are used by almost every startup. These factors make the chip truck one of the most popular vehicles in forestry.

Factors to look out for when buying a Chip truck

  • Remember, to operate a chip truck, you should have an extra hand apart from the truck driver.
  • Consider your place of operation. If it is in congested tight spaces, it’s better to go for a smaller-sized truck to get better ease of access. 
  • Think about the scale of jobs you will work on. If the scale is big, it’s better to get a larger-size truck to decrease the truck’s number of trips. Smaller size trucks consume a considerably lesser amount of fuel.

Safety and maintenance of chipper trucks 

With many chipper trucks for sale, it is easy to forget that they need maintenance for better safety and durability. Some basic points to remember are:

-Safe towing practices need to be followed, and speed during heavy cargo transport should be limited. 

-Proper parking practices should be followed as parking a heavy vehicle is no simple task. Road traffic and public safety should be in mind while parking.

-Cleaning your chipper after use is very important to improve the durability of your chipper.

-Read and adhere to the safety instructions given by the manufacturer of your chipper to keep your safety and your truck in good shape.

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