TechnologyUnderstanding the Role of Motion Control in Industrial Production...

Understanding the Role of Motion Control in Industrial Production and Automation


Motion management is a significant advancement in the manufacturing sector and the market for automation technology. Programmable Logic Controller (also known as PLC controller) might influence and have an impact on a variety of machine-based operations throughout the value distribution network. Numerous human errors are prevented, which increases productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Motion control is a procedure used in production when mobile machinery employs rotary and linear actuators. An apparatus for motion control is used to operate this branch of automation. Actuators, hydraulic pumps, electric motors, and servo motors are a few examples.

As engineers, we know that a motion operator’s primary function is dynamically regulating motion devices. Motion controllers will indicate and carry out directives to power triggers so the motors can move. They also comprise any mechanical tools necessary to operate machines, robots, assembly lines, etc.

The programmable logic controller, or PLC, is the most frequently used in manufacturing and automation applications.

There are now 3 different PLC types. Relay output, Triac output PLC, and transistor output are the three types of outputs.

The architecture and functionality of PLCs and PACs (motion controllers) vary across two computers. With its widespread market share with Rockwell Automation, Allen Bradley PLC, Siemens Simatic PLC, Mitsubishi Melsec PLC, Omron Sysmac PLC, and Schneider Modicon PLC is still more frequently used.

PLCs come in various sizes, from compact rack-mounted units to massive modular units. While bigger-scale devices typically have thousands of smaller-range devices, I/Os typically only have 2-digit outputs and inputs. It frequently functions with the networking of other PLC systems and SCADA.

The following are the main benefits of adopting a PLC-Based control scheme:

  • The lack of moving parts increases the reliability
  • More adaptable Requires less upkeep
  • Save money
  • A simple and quick dialogue
  • Quick fixes for common problems
  • Shorter response times
  • With in-built error checking
  • Reduced power requirements
  • It’s simple to alter the reasoning
  • Simple record-keeping
  • Handling analog signals and developing closed-loop controls
  • Timer, counter, and comparison functions are all programmable
  • Simple to use for the operator

Since it’s in charge of the whole rig, it needs to be able to talk to all the various I/O devices in it, and having a reliable method of doing so, like Fieldbus, is crucial for this.

Because it can communicate with the system’s inputs, a Fieldbus can help keep costs down. All components are interconnected, from the switches and sensors to the valves, motors, indicator lamps, etc., and finally back to the controller or PLC.

A PLC can be used to make a real-time hard-output system, improving productivity in situations with little room for error. This is essential for meeting the operation’s timeline and production KPIs.

The use of cloud-based SCADA networks and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are two current market trends impacting. The market for automated manufacturing controls is expanding at 8% per year in Asia-Pacific and is expected to do so worldwide during the next few years.

Superior design, high energy efficiency, optimal safety requirements, and enhanced operating visualization contribute to unprecedented production.

PLCs can now also keep tabs on and direct the actions of multi-user applications and distributed servers, allowing for more precise oversight of operations and the achievement of varying goals depending on the needs of a wide variety of people involved in the system’s upkeep, design, operation, and manufacturing.

Using a relay-based control system used to need manually connecting wires in a panel, but this is now a time-consuming and unnecessary task. However, once an issue has been identified, the circuit is challenging to fix and relies heavily on relays.

PLC’s simplified wiring and maintenance are thanks to the inclusion of a central processing unit for the software. Compared to the relay-based control scheme, the ability to transmit and download the necessary login is considerably improved.

Additionally, with PLC, logic modifications inside the controller with IO ports can substitute for modifying wiring or hardware; all that is required is connecting the input-output elements and properly programming the logic. The PLC software can then be used to download the application.

When you buy a PLC, you’re making an investment that will last for the rest of your life. Costs associated with fixing problems, engineer time, and labor for setting up and maintaining the system is significantly reduced. It’s simple economics: less downtime means more money in your pocket.

The FCT640 programmable plc controller from CMZ Sistemi Elettronici is an excellent choice for industrial motion control thanks to its cutting-edge CODESYS 3.5 architecture, small form factor, and high performance.

CMZ is responsible for the whole inception and development of its technological core.

The FCT640 is a space-saving technology that combines multiple motion-control systems into a single unit. Analog, and digital modular I/O devices, and all the standard field buses are in the controller.

As a feature essential to Industry 4.0. compatibility, the OPC UA data transmission has been selected for an upcoming deployment to allow the systems to be connected to the outside world efficiently and securely.

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