TechnologyTop Six Industries Dominated by Technology Today

Top Six Industries Dominated by Technology Today


Technological inventions and advancements have dominated almost every part of our life. Live video streaming, music playback, movie-watching experience, online ordering system, etc., has become a norm. Now we could probably not imagine our lives without technology. Those who do not follow the latest technological trends or use digital devices miss many things. Businesses worldwide must integrate the newest technology into their company for smooth operation and face heavy competition. Such companies do not just compete with local companies but also international corporations. Without using technology, the cost of running the business itself will go up.

It is easy to imagine that all industries must incorporate technology to its full potential. However, some industries take the lead in cutting-edge technology than other industries. Usually, these are involved in bringing novel developments in technology. For example, the tech industry itself first embraces the technology before spreading its introduction to other industries. It is also a way to collaborate with multiple businesses from different sectors.

Let us look at the six top industries dominated by technology the most.

Music Industry

With iPads, iPods, MP3 players, speakers, Bluetooth technology, and air pods, access to music has become more accessible than ever before. Almost everyone nowadays uses or has used these devices to listen to music. In addition, applications such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes Apple Music, along with several others, have emerged as popular among the younger generation. These musical inventions are top hits in the 2000s and continue to grow. Digital music streaming is now a preferred mode everywhere due to easy access and many options. In 2018, consumers spent 2.5 hours per day, on average, listening to music; the figure has increased since then.

Medical Industry

The use of technology is perhaps the most prevalent in hospitals and doctor’s clinics. Scientific advancements in the medical field have made it easier to diagnose, conduct tests and receive results. In addition, monitoring machines used in admitted patients’ rooms make it easier to care for patients with real-time vitals. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps assemble and organize patient data for immediate access. In addition, doctors use AI to screen cancer with a mobile app and discover health abnormalities with wearable devices.

Moreover, surgeons conduct complicated and delicate surgeries with the help of AI by having a clear look at what is going on inside the patient’s body. It was not possible in the earlier times when treatments were excruciating due to the absence of anesthesia. Now, we have access to types of anesthesia and advanced medical tools that help save a dying person.

Education Industry

The most significant advantage of technology in the education industry is a personalized curriculum. Nowadays, educationists do not believe in mass learning. They believe that each child deserves individual attention and that all children should have the opportunity to explore their interests. Personalized teaching and learning let children get personal attention and help focus on a core area. In this regard, AI assists in designing individual lessons for a child, making them easier to learn.

Moreover, easy access to online courses taught by real professors makes waves in the education industry. It is affordable, and students from around the globe can access any online subject from the comfort of their homes. Not only this, but universities also offer online degrees through their AI integrated portals. You can be a master’s graduate from a UK university while sitting in the US.

Furthermore, virtual and augmented reality, like Microsoft Hololens, focuses on education in many of their videos. It is another way of teaching and learning while making it a fun experience. VR and AR make theoretical concepts easier to understand with visuals and practical illustrations.

Insurance Industry

The provision and collection of insurance are ever more accessible with the integration of advanced solutions like the Fintech space. Collaborating with it will bring down the insurer’s operating costs with reliance on legacy systems to improve customer service.

Currently, insurance consumers show less trust in insurance companies because of a smaller payout than decided. The insurance cost goes up when the consumer signs up for it and receives it. Many banking systems embraced digital solutions for efficient customer service experience, and insurance companies can do the same using a digital insurance platform solution. In addition, insurers can also introduce user-centric mobile products with interactive features and tracking systems, improving the quality of insurance providence service.

Automobile Industry

The automobile industry is one of the fastest-growing in terms of disruptive technology. Google cars, electric cars, innovative Tesla automotive products, self-driving cars, and electric charging stations have enhanced the driving experience. Apple also reports joining the industry soon. It could happen five to ten in the future, but it is coming. Moreover, traditional automotive manufacturers like Volkswagen also integrate automotive technology to streamline their processes and reduce operational costs.

The US government and private industries have started investing in it because it projects immense growth in the industry in the coming years. Uber also plans to invest in the autonomous automobile industry for enhanced customer experience.

Security Industry

With the amalgamation of machine learning, high-level security is now possible. Machine learning ‘learns’ the security aspects fed into its system, providing different types of security options. Banks, security companies, encrypted locks, and digital wallets integrate machine learning to keep specific data and wealth safe.

Some safety technological advancements include automatically changing the security lock of digital wallets, vaults, and encrypted devices regularly. In addition, fingerprint scanners, hand scanners, and face scanners, used as security locks, and a password that changes daily provide added protection. If someone does try to enter your secure account, hacking into double secured accounts will require a team of expert hackers.


Keeping up with technology in every industry has become inevitable. However, some industries have taken more significant steps to embrace the latest AI and machine learning tools. These industries can reduce costs and capture consumers’ attention by adopting disruptive technologies. With AR and VR, the education industry will transform, with children enjoying their learning experience. Available on-demand music and listening devices have been popular among the younger generation and continue to be so. Similarly, we can still see so much more potential in technological advancements if we only embrace them and invest in them wisely because technology is the future.

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