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Top 4 Simple Ways to Stay Fit When You Are Feeling Lazy


Wanting to live a healthy lifestyle is a dream of many but trying to achieve it can be a challenging task. Some of the hurdles include a lack of time and motivation. Furthermore, there are times when we are showered with various responsibilities within a day, hence; trying to squeeze in minutes that are dedicated to exercise is quite an arduous task.

Also, we would rather spend our days of leisure lying on the bed rather than exerting another half of our energy for exercising. Therefore, though it might be tempting to act like that after long working hours, it is essential to find a few minutes of your day for some refreshing physical activity.

Too lazy to do any workout routine and would prefer to loaf around instead? Well, fret not, as here we have listed down some of the effortless ways to be fit even when laziness kicks in.

Start with Small Numbers

Doing 100 push-ups in a day can be a nightmare for lazy people, instantly making them lose interest. Hence, instead of going for big numbers from the start, try to go with doing 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups daily.

Though it may be a small number, the crucial part is to do it every day without fail. Instead of avoiding doing any workout, it is better to incorporate easy and simple steps that can be done in less than 20 minutes.

If you have become accustomed to those routines, slowly increase the number following your desired pace. By doing so, you are not pushing yourself to the limit, but you are trying to make your body accept the changes slowly. So, no matter how lazy you are feeling, your mind would automatically remind you to accomplish those workout plans.

Try to Stand Every Hour Possible

Have you ever found yourself hunching down in front of the laptop for hours and rarely getting up? Or laid down on the sofa from morning to night, reading your favorite book? If you have not, those are some scenarios that can decrease your stamina due to the lack of movement.

However, it does not mean that you can no longer do such activities but try to incorporate standing up at least once an hour. By doing so, your body will be able to stay fit regardless of the lack of physical activity. This is one of the simplest things for a person to do.

You can try to read your books while standing up or walk away from your laptop and make a simple and healthy lunch in the pantry. To help you become more conscious of your hourly session of standing up, purchase a smartwatch to aid in your fitness task. 

Walk For 20 Minutes Per Day

Instead of going by vehicle, why don’t you try to use public transport instead? The distance from your place to public transport can take quite a few minutes of your life. Furthermore, you are also pushed to exude some of your energy to walk from one place to another.

Though it may be quite a taxing task if you are not used to walking certain distances, it will gradually become easier. Nevertheless, it is essential to have at least 20 minutes of walking a day to stay fit and improve your health.

Furthermore, this type of activity does not negatively impact your work schedule as the changes that happen are only in terms of your transportation method. Also, by choosing to walk instead of driving your car or any other vehicle, your body will adapt to another healthy change.

You will find yourself getting fitter without having to go to the gym. Furthermore, plug in your earbuds and play some of your favorite songs from your mobile phone to aid you in your walking routine. It can surely liven up your walk!

Steer Away from Your Gadgets 

Do you know that sleeping can impact our health and fitness? Being sleep deprived or too much sleep can cause various negative effects on our being. Hence, having enough sleep can give wonders to positive thinking and the overall constitution.

Try to power off your gadgets an hour before bedtime and lessen your independence from them. You will find yourself becoming a much more joyful person than before. Furthermore, your health is also being dealt with positively. Hence, one of the simplest things a lazy person can do to stay fit is to have a great sleep schedule.


Feeling sluggish and lazy is a normal experience felt by many. However, do not let these feelings overpower you, as they can impact your fitness and emotions. But if you are torn between wanting to stay fit or lying on the couch, these are some amazing yet seamless exercises that you can implement in your daily life. As a result, you will surely find yourself a positive and fitter person.

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