EducationTop 10 Helpful Spreadsheet Formulas That Everyone Uses

Top 10 Helpful Spreadsheet Formulas That Everyone Uses


Did you know that around 2 billion people use spreadsheets worldwide?

Spreadsheet programs have the ability in the mass calculation of numeric data. It also helps in organizing and visualizing data to provide information to businesses.

Over the years, spreadsheets helped businesses process their data quicker.

You can work faster with the use of spreadsheets. Here are the top 10 helpful spreadsheet formulas that everyone uses.

1. SUM

The SUM function adds the numerical values in a set of cells. You can do this by typing “=SUM” followed by the data you wish to total. Numbers, cell references, and ranges can all be input to the function.

This function makes adding a lot easier when you create excel file c#.


Average provides the average value of a specified set of integers. This function will determine the arithmetic mean of a group of cells. You can do this by typing “=AVERAGE” followed by the range.


This function determines how many entries are in a number field part of a range or range of numbers. It excludes the blank cells and those that contain data in any other format than numeric.

4. Vertical Lookup

VLOOKUP function or Vertical Lookup is a function that searches for a specific value in a column. It will return a value from another column in the same row. This function is the most common formula for finding information in a spreadsheet.

You can do this by typing “=VLOOKUP(the value you are searching, range, column number, true or false)”.

5. Horizontal Lookup

The HLOOKUP function is the same as VLOOKUP, except it searches for the information in rows. Vertical Lookup looks for the information in columns. You can do this by typing “=HLOOKUP (the value you are searching for, range, row number, true or false)”.

6. MAX

The MAX function returns the data set’s highest numeric value. You can use a numeric value type with the MAX function to give the highest value. Do this by typing “=MAX(range)”.


You use this function to raise a number to a specific power. To do this, type “=POWER(number, power)”.


The modulus function returns the remainder after dividing the provided set of numbers. Modulus does the automated math instead of finding the remainder of a division problem yourself. You can do this by typing “=MOD(number, divisor)”.

9. IF

The IF function allows you to compare a value to what you expect. It will return a value after checking whether a condition is true or false. You can do this by typing “=IF(logical test, “value if true”, “value if false”).”


The PROPER function is one of the most common spreadsheet functions professionals use. This function is automatic in correcting texts in an odd format. These formats include improper capitalization and spelling mistakes.

Type “=PROPER” to edit the cell contents.

Familiarize Yourself With Spreadsheet Formulas

These are the top 10 helpful spreadsheet formulas that everyone uses. Knowing these most common spreadsheet formulas will speed up your spreadsheet game.

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