SportsThe Best Bitcoin Football Betting Platform for Online Gambling

The Best Bitcoin Football Betting Platform for Online Gambling


The rise and consolidation of cryptocurrency have reset people’s approach to engaging in today’s global economy. The reality is that cryptos have moved past being only an exciting online payment mechanism to become a brilliant digital outlet opening the door for fresh financial models capable of pioneering the launch of new businesses. Such is the case for the innovators behind the first decentralized sports betting platform built on the EOS blockchain protocol, SportBet. This fast-growing digital business is an example of how to utilize tech to offer a fascinating and thrilling experience that even the most experienced esports and casino gamblers around the world can’t get enough of. Read below to find out how to get started in NFL bitcoin betting and bitcoin football betting at

Cryptocurrencies Are Changing the Landscape of Online Gambling

While cryptos continue to work their way up into worldwide economic structures, it’s an interesting time to reflect on the impact they brought to the ever-growing online gambling industry.

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These are the main changes and trading benefits powered by cryptocurrencies

cheaper transactions than credit card operations, significantly reducing fees that downsize profits;

quicker funds availability; whether it is a deposit or a withdraw, gamblers can rip off the advantages of how easy crypto exchanges are, bypassing the standard 7-days window required by ordinary payment methods;

by gambling with BTC, or any accepted cryptocurrency for that matter, players are in the unique position to increase their crypto acquisitions and enable further asset value growth!

As usual, risk factors play a huge role in all gambling activities. Crypto bet football players are not an exception to this notion. When players trade with crypto on an NFL bitcoin betting event or an online casino game, one of the biggest risks laying on the table is unexpected market fluctuations strong enough to drastically modify the asset’s value.

If prices climb up during a bet, even when losing, gamblers have a better chance to recover quickly from the loss than a bet with traditional currency would allow. If the opposite occurs, the setback can lead to financial damage directly proportional to the plunge of the crypto’s price.

At least for BTC, fortunately, since its creation in 2009, the prices are more likely to be on the rise than in a downfall. Visiting data records on bitcoin prices variation from 2013 to 2021 is an excellent way to know more about it.

Taking Part of Football Betting Bitcoin Events Is Really Easy & Safe

As mentioned earlier, SportBet is the first esports betting platform powered by an EOS blockchain protocol. Before placing a bet, players have to register a valid account. The account creation process is quite simple and offers users the possibility to sign in from popular apps, such as Facebook or Twitter. Once signed in, users can fund the account with crypto via digital wallets. The funds land within seconds, and just like that, ouila! The profile is ready to start gambling on football matches or other sporting events available. Payouts are processed 12 hours after the event is completed. User profile protection is guaranteed. The process to buy avax with credit card has been simplified by new services that allow users to buy cryptos with the credit card of their choice.

SportBet is a fantastic sports booking site that trades in crypto. This operational practicality improves the gamblers’ profitability with added transparency and quickness in all transactions. For those reasons alone, regular players should give it a try.

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