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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write a Perfect Persuasive Essay


A persuasive essay seeks to convince your reader to follow your perspective. The paper will require the strongest points and words that make your idea believable. As you will notice from the best persuasive essay topics, the language used is different from other types of essays like synthesis as well as compare and contrast, among others.

A persuasive essay is a little biased but still logical in handling divergent views on a subject. It is more about the ideas you present and the weight you add to these ideas than the existence of a different opinion. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write a persuasive essay.

Research the topic thoroughly

An essay is only as convincing as the ideas used to support a point of view. The best and strongest ideas are only found in books, journals, articles, and such qualified research materials. If you have the chance, you can conduct a survey or collect data to strengthen your point of view. Read thoroughly on the topic to find the best ground for the argument you intend to make.

Research using high-quality reference materials. The library is the best source of qualified reference materials. Online databases will also help you to find solid points that support your idea. The recommended reading list for the unit will also make it easy to extract solid ideas and arguments about the subject.

Poor quality materials will weaken your arguments. You also run the risk of the ideas being discounted by other scholars, resulting in poor grades. If the ideas are solid and verifiable, your writing will be more convincing.

Draft a captivating title

The title acts as the icing on your essay. If the icing is impressively done, more people will want to read your paper. Make the title as captivating as possible to capture the attention of potential readers.

Use words that arouse curiosity. You may ask a question that does not come with an obvious answer. Include the subject of discussion in your title and an indication of the perspective you will be steering the discussion. A captivating title calls readers to attention, causing them to desire to read beyond the title.

Pay attention to the introduction

Once a reader has decided to peruse through your paper, you must capture his imagination using the introduction. The introduction goes beyond the title in enticing the reader, especially by explaining more about your perspective. As you expound on your idea, the reader will realize that there is more than what the title promised. The reader, therefore, has a reason to go beyond the introduction.

A quote from an authoritative personality in the industry will capture the imagination of a reader in the introduction. You may also include statistics from credible sources. An anecdote also spices your introduction, helping to put the idea into perspective.

Support your ideas

A persuasive essay is sensitive, especially because the strength of your ideas will determine the outcome. If your ideas are not convincing enough, the entire essay flops. Support the ideas with credible information drawn from qualified reference materials.

The literature review section is the point at which you get ideas to support your perspective. Use books and materials by credible authors as well as publishing houses. You may also use data to support your ideas. It is this support that makes your paper persuasive.

Create time to write the essay

A quality essay will only emerge from a process that involves quality drafting time. Set your table at a place that is free of distractions. Such an environment allows the mind to focus fully on the ideas you are discussing in the essay. As a result, the ideas will be insightful and captivating. Do not write when the body and mind are fatigued.

Use all the help available

Help comes in the form of samples, examples, and essay helpers. These resources are available from library websites and writing services. The samples and examples give you an idea of what is expected at the end of your paper. The best essay UK will assist you when writing the paper with research, literature review, formatting, citations, and such tasks. They produce a better paper in less time.

The best persuasive essay requires a combination of academic and non-academic strategies. As you use samples, you must set the right time to write your paper. Plan to complete the paper early to allow for editing and avoid penalties that come with a late submission.

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