HealthReviewing The Misconceptions on Breast Augmentation Procedure

Reviewing The Misconceptions on Breast Augmentation Procedure


Cosmetic procedures such as laser hair removal, breast augmentation, anti-wrinkle injections, rhinoplasty, liposuction and more are increasingly popular and normalised in Australia. Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty is one of the most popular surgeries among women, as Australians undergo 20,000 surgeries in a year. Undergoing breast augmentation in Sydney is one of the most enriching experiences of a person’s life. Numerous patients with uneven breasts, breast cancer, low self-confidence, body issues after pregnancy or weight loss, or those who need to enhance their appearance seek breast augmentation surgery to regain their body image, comfort and esteem. However, despite the known benefits, some are hesitant to undergo surgery due to pressing misconceptions surrounding the procedure’s safety and results. They can verify the validity of the myths here.

Breast Implants Are Dangerous for the Body

The fear of silicone leaking inside the body and causing autoimmune conditions led to its ban in 1992. However, researchers never found empirical evidence to prove the claim. Therefore, silicone breast implants returned in 2006 and have been successful, with minimal or no issues since. Certified surgeons ensure the protection of the patients who get breast augmentation in Sydney, following the regulations regularly.

The Procedure Can Cause Cancer

There is no empirical scientific or medical study that has found evidence for the claim that breast augmentation causes cancer among patients. However, the implants can make mammograms slightly. During the breast cancer screening process, augmentation patients must disclose their implants to the general practitioner and the radiologist to prevent unforeseen issues.

Implants Need Replacement Every 10 Years

The only time one needs to replace breast implants is if and when they rupture. Additionally, after the surgery, if they are unhappy with the outcome or experience post-surgery complications, they can choose to have the procedure again. In such cases, the surgeons perform breast implant revision procedures to make the appropriate corrections.

Breast Implants Guarantee Youthful, Perky Breasts

Despite the surgery, several other factors contribute to the appearance of the breasts, like weight changes, ageing and pregnancy. Those who have issues with droopy, sagging breasts might have to get breast lift surgery along with or instead of augmentation to lift their lax breast tissue.

Breast Implants Impede Breastfeeding

New mothers of Sydney have given birth to over 294,369 babies in the previous year. As breast implants are generally present beneath the pectoral muscle or sometimes the breast tissue, it is highly improbable for them to affect breast milk generation. Many new mothers tend to their infant’s need for breastfeeding without any issues. If they find any difficulty, trusted surgeons in Sydney can modify the incision site to resolve the issue.

The Procedure Leaves Scars Around the Breasts

Trusted cosmetic surgeons work meticulously to reduce scarring after breast augmentation surgery. They use numerous surgical incision methods like under the armpits and belly buttons to hide the scars. They also discuss the risks of developing unsightly scars during the consultation and advice patients regarding scar management tips. 

Breast Implants Don’t Look Natural.

The results of breast augmentation surgery depend on numerous factors. They include the patient’s body type, age, breast size, the surgeon performing the procedure and the surgery. Majorly, the surgeons play a significant role in the outcome of the breasts. Plastic surgeons with the appropriate certification from the Medical Board of Australia and recognition from the Australian Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery provide the best results that look natural. Therefore, patients must conduct thorough research and seek a holistic approach to gain the best results.

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