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Pay Per Head Free Trial


Test Drive Pay Per Head Risk-Free With a Free Trial 

Intrigued by the pay per head model but not sure if it’s right for your sportsbook? Many top pay per head (PPH) providers like PayPerHead247 offer free trials so bookies can extensively test their platform. Let’s look at how PPH free trials work, what you can assess during a free trial period, key factors to review, and how to decide if PPH is a fit after your trial.

What is a Pay Per Head Free Trial

A PPH free trial provides first-hand access to evaluate their software and services risk-free. Free trials generally last 4-6 weeks. Bookies can sign up, access the full platform capabilities with “play money,” and simulate real sportsbook operations.

PPH providers offer free trials so bookies can validate their product delivers on capabilities and experience before paying. For bookies, it’s a no-obligation way to gauge if a platform matches their needs and vision. 

What Can You Test During a Free Trial?

Bookies should take full advantage of free trials by assessing:

– Overall usability and workflow of the platform’s tools and dashboards

– Available sports leagues, exotic bet types and niche markets offered 

– Customization capabilities for design, branding and tailored content

– Backend reporting and analytics on simulated book performance

– Payments, payouts and account management efficiency

– Platform speed and reliability during peak betting days/times

– Responsiveness of customer service and troubleshooting across channels

– Security protocols like encryption mechanisms and access controls

This hands-on experience reveals if the software, features and support meet expectations under real operating conditions. You gain confidence in how the platform performs before committing budget.

Key Factors to Review After the Free Trial

Once the trial ends, bookies should thoroughly review factors like:

– Did platform provide all needed sports, leagues, bets and tools or were key options missing?

– Was the software intuitive and easy to use for you as the operator and players? 

– How knowledgeable, responsive and accessible was customer service? 

– Did site performance and uptime meet your standards, even during peak sports betting periods?

– Could you easily customize design, content pages and offerings to fit your brand style?

– Do backend reports and analytics provide the transparency into operations you need?

– Did payment processing, cashiering, deposits and payouts work smoothly across methods?

By vetting the platform extensively, bookies can make an informed decision if pay per head aligns with their business goals after testing firsthand. Free trials let you experience the PPH model risk-free.

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