EntertainmentMisa Amane and Light Yagami: A Twisted Love Story

Misa Amane and Light Yagami: A Twisted Love Story


Misa Amane, a well-known model known as “Misa Misa” from the Kansai region, was born in Kyoto on December 25, 1984. She was given a Death Note by the Shinigami Rem.

The Unusual Story of Misa and Light

Misa Amane relocates to Tokyo to meet Kira, a vigilante who kills criminals in a systematic manner using his Death Note because she supports his mission to purge the world of evil. Misa’s parents were killed by a thief in front of her one year prior to her debut. She even wanted to kill the murderer herself because she could not forgive him. However, after numerous delays in his trial, she started to worry that he might get away with it. He was killed by Kira, who then began to worship him. She could see someone’s name and lifespan just by looking at their face thanks to her Death Note, the media, and her Shinigami Eyes, which cost her half of her remaining lifetime.

As a result of her ability to recognise Light Yagami as Kira, she gains the nicknames “Fake Kira” and “Second Kira” from the task force attempting to stop him.

Misa promises to comply with Light’s instructions in exchange for him becoming her boyfriend because she has fallen in love with him. Even though he warns her up front that their relationship will only be an act, Light agrees to use her Shinigami Eyes because she is confident that she can eventually win his love. Ohba claims that Light treats Misa coldly and manipulates her because he believes she is a “bad person” who killed innocent people.

For more than five years, Light and Misa cosplay as Kira, until Light decides that Misa should give up the notebook because it is too risky for her to continue to be Kira with task force members suspecting him. Misa trades her eyes twice in the course of the series, halving both times her life expectancy: once with Ryuk and once with Rem. By giving up ownership of the Death Note on Light’s orders, Misa loses her memories of using it, but she doesn’t lose her love for him. She was last seen staying at the Teito Hotel, but the manga does not depict how the rest of her fate turned out. Ohba explained that the reason for this was simple—he didn’t have a situation that fit her. The author conjectured that Misa “committed suicide…something like that” after someone “like Matsuda probably let it slip” that Light had passed away. She passed away a little more than a year after Light.

The Fandom’s Opinion

Misa is fixated on the idea of Light rather than being in love with him. Before she even sees Light or has the thought of a romantic relationship cross her mind, Misa already sort of abnormally revolves her life around Kira. Her only motivation right now is to meet Kira and express her gratitude. Amazingly, she shifts this obsession onto Light as a person without any justification. She is stunned by Light’s attractiveness when she first sees him, and this marks the change from a platonic obsession to a romantic interest. Stuff like that occurs. It’s not unusual for Misa to imagine what it would be like to be with Kira on a crush level.

Misa Amane, however, approaches this deadly seriously right away. She is unfamiliar with Light and has never heard him speak. By the time she gets to Light’s place, all she has to fall in love with is the way Kira and Light look in her mind. She doesn’t know Light as a person, which is sort of the prerequisite for loving someone in a typical situation.

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