LifestyleLifestyle Flooring: There's a Floor for Your Budget, Style,...

Lifestyle Flooring: There’s a Floor for Your Budget, Style, and Vision


No interior look is complete until you’ve added fantastic flooring. That can take any bland room to “wow.” That is providing you’ve chosen the most appropriate flooring for each room, of course.

Get it wrong, and you could be stuck buying endless “miracle” floor cleaners or your foot attached to the unwanted remains of your toddler’s dinner. 

To help you find the right lifestyle flooring for your home, we’ve put together this quick guide to all the best options, whatever your budget.


Your young children leave toys lying around, and you find yourself collecting cookie crumbs off the floor. In other words, you need flooring that’s practical, fuss-free, and easy to clean. 

Wood and laminate are fantastic options for families of young children. They are easy to clean, durable, and practical for everyday living. If your children have allergies, they’re also a better option than carpet, which tends to collect dust. 

If you are on a strict budget, go for laminate. Hardwood flooring will give a premium finish. However, modern laminate flooring will look stunning.

Fitting wooden flooring is easy with most modern designs. Still, if you don’t have prior experience, you probably want to hire a professional such as tile flooring sammamish. Consider this when creating a budget.


Are you after a beautiful finish that uses natural materials sourced sustainably? Two options will best suit your lifestyle: cork flooring and bamboo flooring.

Cork flooring is durable and made from a natural material ideal for those with severe allergies. It’s soft and comfortable to walk on and will provide an elegant aesthetic in your home. 

Bamboo is also a beautiful, high-end flooring option. Top-quality bamboo flooring will be the upper-end of your budget and may need more ongoing maintenance (it can suffer damage from water). 


Pets need durable and easy-to-clean floors. Flooring that minimizes fur is also a plus-point.

The more synthetic flooring styles are ideal for rooms that need to be pet-friendly in your home. Vinyl, ceramic, and laminate are three good choices for pet-friendly rooms.

Vinyl is the best option for those on a limited budget, but laminate flooring is also a great choice. Proper ceramic tiling will have a more premium finish but will cost more.  


Suppose you are one of those lucky enough to plan a high-end luxury interior (and don’t need practical options to protect against kids or pets). In that case, you have a wide choice of flooring to suit your needs.

A beautiful natural wood floor will always look stunning in any home, and hardwood flooring is durable. However, it will need general upkeep such as regular polishing. For some beautiful flooring inspiration, click here. 

If you are designing a bedroom space, a thick luxury carpet flooring will give you that hotel vibe and feel warm to the touch when barefoot on a cold winter night. 

Lifestyle Flooring for All

Don’t be swayed by a designer look from an interior magazine. The best floor material is a floor style that works for your circumstances, and these lifestyle flooring tips will help you begin your search. 

Continue planning your house renovations now by looking through our home renovation section. 

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