TravelIndustries and Careers That Require You to Travel

Industries and Careers That Require You to Travel


A wide range of occupations involves regular traveling, often for extended periods of time. Some people in these professions must stay in different locations for varying periods, which requires them to find suitable corporate housing. The following are various fields that necessitate regular travel:

Sales and Consultancy 

Consultants in different fields often travel to meet clients, work on projects, and gather information for business development purposes. Sales employees also attend industry conferences, trade exhibitions, networking events, and potential client meetings in new markets. Travel may be necessary for consultants and sales personnel to conduct research, gather industry benchmarks, learn from best practices at other organizations, and grab business opportunities.

International Aid and Development

Humanitarian workers often travel to varying areas to provide aid, support, and assistance to needy communities. Finding accommodations in safe areas with reliable security measures ought to be a high priority. They can partner with reputable corporate housing vendors with experience hosting humanitarian workers. 

Journalism and Media Production

News correspondents often travel to pursue their next opportunity to conduct interviews or cover events and news stories as they unfold. The media crew often accompanies journalists, including camera operators, sound engineers, lighting technicians, video editors, and production assistants. Partnering with a vendor that supplies furnished apartments and short-term leases may help streamline the travel experience for media production employees.

Events and Entertainment

Musicians, performing artists, and entertainers may travel to different areas to perform, attend festivals, and meet with fans. Event planners travel widely to host entertainment events, business conferences, weddings, or corporate gatherings. These individuals may desire conducive accommodation such as reputable corporate housing or furnished apartments in the new locations. 

Sports and Recreation

Sports coaches, athletes, and sports teams often travel for tournaments, matches, competitions, and training camps. Recreation and adventure instructors may explore golf vacations, sports-themed cruises, and adventure trips centered around outdoor sports like skiing, surfing, or hiking. During their travel, the sports and recreation industry may require comfortable and safe temporary housing. 

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics professionals like pilots, truck drivers, and logistics managers may travel to different states. Transportation often requires employees to be on the move to manage supply chains and coordinate shipments. Professionals in this field may need to visit suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, and distribution centers. They travel to oversee operations, address any issues that may arise, and foster strong working relationships with partners along the supply chain.

Diplomacy and Public Service

Diplomats and foreign service officers frequently travel to represent their governments and foster international relationships. This travel may involve short-term trips for meetings and negotiations in various areas. Public service professionals like civil servants and law enforcement officers often travel abroad to represent their respective governments and attend peacekeeping mission meetings. Finding adequate housing is a key element to their travel plans.

Find Quality Corporate Housing When Travelling

Corporate housing offers the comfort of a home-like environment, which may help reduce stress and improve productivity during work travel. Corporate housing may include fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities, and fitness centers. This may provide convenience and save costs for visitors using these temporary living facilities. If you travel for work, start your search to find a reputable corporate housing vendor today.

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