SoftwareHow to unblock geo-restrictions to visit websites?

How to unblock geo-restrictions to visit websites?


When you browse the internet, there are occasions when you come across web pages or services that, for one reason or another, are blocked or censored. The reasons can be geo-restrictions, commercial, or political. Definitely, many of you have wondered or will be wondering if it is possible to bypass this geo-restriction in some way. Fortunately, there are some proven ways that allow you to unlock these geo-restrictions so that you can access your favorite websites and content whenever and wherever you want.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

There is no doubt that VPNs are the most popular method to bypass geo-blocking as they are capable of hiding your actual IP address. In other words, connecting to the internet through a VPN means that your real IP address is not the one that the website or service you want to connect to sees, but rather it will be the one offered by the VPN server to which you are connected.

If you connect to a VPN with a server in the United States, the websites or sites that you visit through that VPN server will detect an American IP address and show you the blocked content to other countries without any problem.

All you have to do is access a suitable VPN service, such as iTop VPN. Choose a VPN server that suits your needs and select the country you should be in to access that type of content, and that’s it: you will have access to your favorite content, even when it is not possible to access them for reasons of geographical location. iTop VPN offers impressive security and privacy features for all of its users.

Bouns Tip: 2 Steps to unblock geo-restrictions with iTop VPN?

 iTop VPN is very friendly to beginners with an easy-to-use main interface. Only 2 steps, you can unblock geo-restrictions to visit any sites. Follow the below steps to have fun:

Step 1. Download and install iTop VPN. Please make sure that you are get the official version.

Step 2. Launch iTop VPN.

Click the center Connect button. Then, it will connect to the best free server automatically. You can also go to All Server list to connect to a specific server, for example ITV, if ITV is banned in your region. After Connected appears, you can open and visit the sites you like.

Tip: iTop VPN also provides a Quick Access connection for you.For example, now, you can find Play PUBG server in the list and click Connect to enjoy smooth game play.


A proxy is a service that acts as an intermediary between a small network and the web. And that you can sometimes also use to avoid geoblocking or bypass certain geographical restrictions. By using a proxy, you can easily mask your IP address.

As far as the security and speed of the connection are concerned, the truth is that a proxy has a caching capacity. It allows you to store the sites that you have already visited so you can later access them quickly. Of course, the speeds they usually offer are so limited.

Now, as far as security in your connections is concerned, they leave a lot to be desired. Therefore, they can be a solution to bypass certain geographical restrictions depending on the sites or services that you are going to use. I do not advise free proxies.


Tor is one of the most popular and used services to hide your true identity on the internet. It is a free service that hides your IP address in each request you send from your internet browser. To do this, it uses multiple nodes through which your traffic passes and is responsible for hiding your real IP.

Install the browser extension

In every browser, you can find a whole list of browser extensions. An extension is a kind of mini-program, thanks to which new functions are added to the browser for a more convenient functioning of the browser. You just have to select the extension you need, install it and enable it by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Here you can find an extension to bypass site blocks, but remember that they can slow down your internet, and watching videos, for example, can be difficult.


Another solution to mention is the use of a Smart DNS. A solution that is not based on hiding your actual IP address but on masking the DNS address assigned by your internet provider since it also contains relevant information about your geographical location.

Basically, it replaces your DNS with one that points to a geographic location outside of geo-blocking and allows connection to the sites or services you want to access. In addition, a Smart DNS is capable of intercepting your connection requests and changing the information associated with your location for one that is allowed and outside the blocking zone.

Now, it is necessary to know that, unlike the use of a VPN, a Smart DNS does not use encrypted connections and, therefore, your information will not travel safely. On this occasion, it masks your geographic data through another server located outside the restricted area, without reducing the connection speed but without encrypting your data.


Since I have discussed different methods to bypass geo-restrictions to visit websites, Now you can decide the option that is perfect for you!

If you need higher security and stability, you should definitely choose iTop VPN. Just download vpn for pc, it can gives you access to any site, and you can watch geo-restricted content on different streaming platforms!

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