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How to Store Spirit Levels During Cold Weather


A spirit level is a precise and sensitive instrument that can be damaged if stored improperly. If the liquid inside of the level freezes, it can cause permanent damage to the glass housing or even shatter the entire instrument. Additionally, if your level is exposed to extreme heat or high humidity levels, such as in direct sunlight or near a radiator, this can also alter its performance and accuracy.

To prevent these issues from occurring when storing your spirit level during cold weather, you should follow these steps to ensure you protect it.

One of the most important things to do when storing a spirit level during cold weather is to keep away from freezing temperatures. This means avoid storing your toolbox outside in below-freezing temperatures, as well as keeping it in an unheated garage or shed.

If you are working in an area where the temperature is likely to drop below freezing, and you will not be able to bring your spirit levels inside, consider purchasing a dedicated spirit level holder that can be affixed to the exterior of your work site. This will ensure that your instrument is safe from damage even if high winds blow snow or ice onto it.

In addition to keeping your spirit level away from freezing temperatures, it is also important to protect it from extreme heat when storing it during cold weather. Avoid storing your toolbox near a radiator or another source of heat, and don’t leave it in direct sunlight for extended periods.

If you are working in an area prone to hot weather, consider investing in a spirit-level holder that can be mounted on the exterior of your work site. This will protect your tool from direct heat exposure and help maintain its accuracy.

To further ensure the safety and durability of your spirit level while storing it during cold weather, keep it clean at all times. This includes keeping dirt and debris out of the casing by regularly wiping down the glass housing with a soft cloth or damp paper towel. Additionally, avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning your instrument, as these may damage sensitive internal parts over time.

Finally, if you notice any issues like condensation inside the case or bubbles forming inside the liquid level, address these immediately. These may indicate that your spirit level is no longer functioning properly or needs further cleaning. Have it repaired by a professional as soon as possible.

By following these steps when storing your spirit level during cold weather, you can help protect it from damage and ensure that you are able to continue using it safely for many years to come.

Whether you are working on an outdoor project in the freezing winter air or need to store your tool somewhere temporarily while not in use, taking proper care of your instrument will help keep it accurate and perform at its best. With this information, you can feel confident that your spirit level will be well-protected and ready for use whenever you need it most.​

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