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How to Prepare for Your First Surf Trip


Surfing is an exciting and fun sport that many adrenaline seekers love. When you’re out in the water, riding on top of the waves, it’s a feeling like no other. Surfing isn’t only about the feeling of freedom and excitement, though. 

Surfing also helps you burn calories, strengthen your muscles, improve heart health, and helps you work on your balance and coordination. With all the benefits surfing brings, you’re ready to embark on your first surf trip. You don’t have much experience, so you know you need help preparing. 

For a list of surf trip essentials and tips to ensure you have the best surf trip possible, continue reading below!

Prepare Your Body

As mentioned before, surfing can be a great way to strengthen your muscles and burn some calories! To sum it up, surfing is an excellent workout, which means you need to prepare your body for it. If you’re new to surfing, then take the time to practice when you get the chance. 

Prepare your body before going on a surf trip. Get your muscles and heart used to the workout. Once you feel confident, you can then start planning the trip. 

Know Where You’re Surfing

No two surfing spots are the same. Each location will come with its own amazing features and challenges. It’s essential you do research on the surfing location you plan to visit. 

When’s the best time of the year to surf there? What are the currents like at the present moment? What are some things to be aware of (rocks, rip tides, marine life)?

Have a good understanding of the area you’re going to surf in so you can plan accordingly. 

Pack Your Surfing Equipment

You’ll need a packing list of all the surfing equipment to bring with you. Make sure you keep a list handy so you can check it off as you pack items. Here’s a short packing list to get you started. 

  • Surfboard with leash, wax, and fins
  • Sunscreen and a hat
  • Beach towel
  • Wetsuit and reef boots
  • Cell phone and camera 

If you’re going to spend the day surfing, then don’t forget to pack yourself a decent lunch as well. A refillable water thermos will also come in handy and keep you hydrated. 

Consider a Surf Camp

Beginner surfers and experienced surfers alike can benefit from attending a surf camp. Depending on where you want to travel for your surf trip, there may be a surf camp nearby. You can usually find these camps in well-known surf locations. 

At the camp, you’ll learn the basics about surfing, you might learn these surfing phrases, and some awesome surfing tips from professionals all while enjoying a nice vacation. 

You’re Ready For Your First Surf Trip

All professional surfers have to start somewhere. Although you still have a lot to learn, you’re now ready for your first surf trip! Just remember to prepare physically, pack the essentials, research the surf location, and consider signing up for a surf camp.

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