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How to Overcome the Long-term Complications of a Brain Injury


Concussions and other mild traumatic brain injuries can have long-term physical, cognitive, and emotional effects. Dizziness and depression are two examples of symptoms that may persist for months or years after the initial loss.

Experiencing the long-term effects of a mild traumatic brain injury can be frustrating. However, due to neuroplasticity, the brain’s natural ability to repair itself, and the helpful treatment strategies covered in this article, there is still a chance for recovery. 

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Here are a few essential ways to manage the long-term effects of a mild traumatic brain injury:

  • Cognitive Relaxation Technique: 

The brain uses most of its energy to repair itself after a mild traumatic brain injury, leaving less cognitive capacity for other tasks. You can use a cognitive relaxation technique to promote mental health. It includes avoiding any mentally demanding tasks, such as driving, studying, or using computers and smartphones. As your brain improves, you can gradually resume your activity level.

  • Do Regular Exercise:

Low-impact exercise, such as light walking, can reduce the symptoms of a moderate brain injury and speed recovery. As a result, try to get as much exercise as possible following a TBI in recovery.

  • Eat Nutritious Foods:

After a concussion, foods that promote brain recoveries, such as those high in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, can aid reduce long-term damage. Blueberries and rich salmon are examples of foods that stimulate the brain and speed up the healing process.

  • Drink Plenty of Water:

According to studies, dehydration has been linked to decreased physical and mental functions and brain damage. So try to drink plenty of water throughout the day and eat water-rich foods to stay hydrated to help you recover well from a mild traumatic brain injury.

  • Adopt Healthier Lifestyle:

Changing one’s lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle can help with long-term effects such as insomnia or other mental disorders. For example, try to wake up and go to bed every day at the same time and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

  • Natural Treatments: 

Spontaneous brain repair can enhance the long-term results of mild traumatic brain injury. When researching natural treatments for TBI recovery, it’s essential to look for evidence-based methods and talk to your doctor to confirm they’re appropriate for you and safe to use.

  • Use the Right Medication: 

You can treat most long-term effects of mild traumatic brain injury with medication. However, avoid drugs that impair cognitive function and cause daytime sleepiness. Your doctor can prescribe the proper medications to treat your symptoms and prevent complications from getting in the way of your recovery.


Undoubtedly, these techniques have been shown to help with the long-term outcome of mild traumatic brain injury, but it’s still essential to follow your doctor’s instructions and seek advice when in doubt. They can provide you with a unique rehabilitation strategy made just for your circumstances.

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