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How to market your 12 Days of Christmas campaign effectively


Holidays are the happiest time of the year filled with fun, family, food, and good times. This is an excellent opportunity to boost your business as a business owner. Naturally, you’ll need a robust marketing plan to take advantage of the holiday season and promote your establishment to the maximum number of people possible. 

However, you can go one step further by creating and implementing a 12 days of Christmas campaign. The basic premise of it is to share new content and information every day for 12 days relevant to your business and what you offer. This will keep your audience engaged, enticed, and looking for more. 

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is an often overlooked but highly effective means of marketing over the internet. It involves sending promotional material via email to a list of recipients which consists of your customer base. Depending on the type of establishment you have, you can collect your customers’ email addresses and create a list. Then you may send out promotions and marketing material to this list. 

An easy way to collect new email addresses is to mention that you will be sending out subscriber-only deals keeping in mind the 12 days of Christmas campaign. You may offer your customers to sign up for this list and share their emails with you. You can add these emails to your list as they come and roll out your promotional emails to them as well.

As for what to send, you will need the help of an email maker service, such as PosterMyWall, to create an email that you can send en masse. With the help of hundreds of Christmas email templates, you can shave the time required to design and create an email down significantly. Keeping in mind the 12 days of Christmas campaign, you can create up to 12 emails with promotional material that you will roll out day by day. 

Tease New Products

Typically the best time to launch a new product or a new feature of an existing product is after the holidays. By the end of the holidays, people are more receptive to new products and are likely to buy them. However, you may use this time to tease new products and features leading up to the release date. 

Keeping up with the campaign theme, you may use these 12 days to drop hints regarding your upcoming products. You may even make it into a guessing game and ask your audience to guess what may be coming. Since your customer base would be already engaged due to the holiday shopping rush, you will get a better reception for the teasers and the hype would carry over to the days after the holidays.

Social Media

Social media has become the easiest and least expensive means to market businesses and organizations over the internet. People spend a considerable amount of time on social media these days which makes it excellent for marketing. Once you have planned out your deals and have created your promotions, you will create your social media posts and promote them there. 

You can use the same Christmas email templates you used for your email marketing campaign here as social media posts. It depends on how you tweak and further design them but the same emails can be used in your social media posts as well. For best results, focus on one or two social media platforms depending on your business and field. Instagram and Facebook are safe bets for most industries. 

In the example given below, the 360 Dermatology skin clinic created an Instagram post sharing a poster with their 12 days of Christmas deals shown. Customers would be able to enjoy discounts and deals throughout 12 days with a new deal on each day. They also call on the customers to take action by sharing their phone number which they can call to book appointments. Depending on what you offer, you can create something similar and share it on your social media platforms. 

Think Ahead

With Christmas comes Boxing Day and after that comes New Year’s Day. While you are planning your 12 Days of Christmas campaign and executing it, look ahead to the days after Christmas and how you can take advantage of this time. You may want to offer winter clearance sales after Boxing Day and offer your products in deals and such. 

If you plan on launching any new products, do it after the holidays so the hype carries over and your customers remain engaged for a longer time. That way, you will have to put a bit less effort into promotion and marketing.

The key to a good marketing strategy is to create a sense of greater perceived value, as in that your customers will get a bigger bang for their buck if they engage with the thing you are offering. With the 12 Days of Christmas campaign, these will be the different deals and offers you will have running at the time. As long as you create good deals and offers and promote them over all the means available to you, your 12 Days of Christmas campaign will be a smashing success.

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