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How To Confirm If The Water Damage Is New Or Old?


Individuals who have recently purchased a home, those who are in the process of moving into an apartment, or even individuals undertaking simple renovation projects encounter instances of water damage that make them stop and take notice. It is essential to assess whether the damage is new or old for adequate water damage cleanup in College Park by professionals. This article will give insights to determine the duration of water damage in a property.

The Process of Determining Old or New Water Damage

In the case that individuals have suspicions about water damage affecting their homes, the crucial step is to evaluate the timing of the incident. It ensures that appropriate measures like water damage cleanup College Park are taken. Here are guidelines one can follow to take the proper steps.

Age of the Property

Paying close attention to the history of the property or building becomes essential during the process of discerning whether the water damage is recent or occurred in the past. Moreover, it is essential to stay vigilant about potential storms or natural calamities that might reveal concealed water damage, such as a heavy rainstorm. As minor leaks might take several months to become evident, differentiating between new and old occurrences will facilitate a quicker diagnosis of the problem.

Check the Construction Materials

Diverse materials exhibit distinct reactions to water damage. For example, the contrast between thick paint and wall or floor tiles, which tend to retain water more effectively than thinner counterparts. Furthermore, in the case of properties featuring materials such as brick or complex substances, if any signs of water damage are evident, it’s likely that the damage has persisted for a considerable duration.

Touch the Water or Damage Area

If individuals can access the affected region safely, it is better to attempt to feel the water damage physically. This approach can yield valuable insights, such as if the area feels damp and the adjacent walls remain solid, it indicates recent water damage. Conversely, if the touched area is soft and the surrounding walls share the same characteristic, it suggests that water damage has been present for a more extended period.

Assess the Signs of Mold Infestation

The occurrence of mold growth tends to escalate in regions impacted by serious water damage. If there is significant mold growth in walls or floors, then the water damage is of an older nature. Conversely, when water damage is visible without any substantial mold presence, it might indicate that the damage is recent. Mold growth in water-damaged areas occurs when left unattended for at least two to three days. At this point, it is recommended not to handle the situation independently; instead, individuals should contact a qualified mold remediation company to assess the possibility of its expansion to other areas.


The article has mentioned only four significant measures to determine the duration of water-damaged areas. Further, steps like examining the watermarks, identifying the spot of rust, smell of musty odors can be taken to speed up the water damage cleanup in College Park by experts.

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