LegalHow Fostering a Refugee Child Could Change Your Life

How Fostering a Refugee Child Could Change Your Life


Fostering refugee children can be an extremely positive and rewarding experience for both the child and the foster family. Welcoming a refugee child into your home not only provides them with a nurturing, supportive, and safe space when they need it the most, but it will also allow them to experience a new culture and develop a sense of belonging. 

How to Foster a Refugee Child

If you are interested in welcoming a refugee foster child into your home, the first step is to contact an agency. You can find out more about fostering a child who is seeking sanctuary at The agency will provide you with further information on the requirements that you will need to meet and walk you through the process of becoming a foster parent. You will need to complete an application, which will involve a background check and a home study. You need to be over the age of 21, be a permanent resident of the UK with citizenship or leave to remain, and have a spare bedroom that is suitable for the foster child. 

Benefits of Fostering a Refugee Child

Fostering a child who needs a loving, supportive home is always a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Working with refugee children brings a lot of benefits to foster families and parents, including:

Make a Difference

As a foster parent, you will make a huge difference in the life of the child and their family. Many refugee children who are in foster care are there due to necessity while their families work through the often-difficult process of settling in the UK. As a foster parent, you can provide a stable, loving environment for the child, introduce them to your culture, and learn more about theirs while their parents work on building a home that they can be welcomed back to. In some cases, refugee children enter the UK unaccompanied. Fostering allows you to provide them with a stable, loving environment to adjust to, which is often referred to a group home setting. 

Experience a Different Culture

Just as much as you will be able to teach your foster child about your own culture, you can enrich your own life by learning more about theirs. Multi-cultural fostering can be a hugely rewarding experience that allows you to broaden your perspective on the world and learn new things. When fostering a child from a different cultural background, you will have a chance to take part in cultural events, learn their language, teach them English, and learn more about the norms and ways of life that they are used to. The foster child can use your home as a safe base to explore and learn more about the customs and traditions in the UK, helping them feel more connected and better integrated into their new community. 

Before applying to foster a refugee child, it’s important to remember that it is a big commitment requiring patience, understanding, and willingness to learn. If you are able to provide a safe home for a refugee child, the rewards can be immeasurable. 

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