TechnologyHow Does YouTube Likes Count Down Work?

How Does YouTube Likes Count Down Work?


YouTube has now opened up an opportunity for users to rank their videos. In YouTube Loves, users have the opportunity to express their love for a video on the website by adding a heart icon next to it, which will give it top rankings. It is a very interesting idea because it allows the user audience to help decide whether or not they like something. 

That’s right, many of the features that the YouTube community has enjoyed for years are now available for everyone to use. In addition, you can also see how other users ranked their videos and see who got number one on YouTube. It would help if you took some time and know-how this new feature is working. This is how you can use the feature to your advantage and decide whether you should Buy YouTube Likes or not. 

Although YouTube Loves an experimental feature, it can be much more helpful for the users as time passes. In addition, it can help you stay ahead in YouTube rankings without any hassle. In addition, this new feature will help you discover some other videos that are rated highly and are not even eligible to be viewed on YouTube.

YouTube Likes Count Down 

  • In this new experimental feature, all the registered users can now see how many views, comments, and likes their video has along with the ranking other users have given it. The entire ranking process is based on the number of likes, comments, and views the particular video has received. 
  • Besides your view count and like count, you will also get an idea of the top 3 users on this ranking chart. When you use this feature, you must start with a video with no views or comments.
  • The best method to utilize this system is to create a unique video dedicated to someone special in your life. Other than that, if you are creating videos specifically for content creation or educational purposes, you may also use this feature. Furthermore, if your video has been uploaded on a non-profit basis, this will significantly be important to you.
  • You can take benefit of this feature and make your video stand out from the rest. This is how you will be ranked on YouTube and receive more views, likes and, more importantly, become eligible for future updates.

Method for Counting YouTube Likes

  • To get started on this new YouTube feature, all you need to do is upload an informal video, late-night video, or some other type of video. Then, once the video gets accepted on its channel, you can utilize the rest of your creativity and post your unique video at least one week before it is uploaded. 
  • When you do this, the viewers will have a week’s time period to hit the like button or consider to Buy YouTube Likes. After that, you can then view how many views, comments, and likes your video has. You will also be able to see the ranking given by other users using this feature.

Getting to Know Other Top Videos

  • Along with getting a chance to know about your own video’s ranking and how other users have rated it, you also get an opportunity to find out which videos are placed above yours in the ranking process. For example, you can garner an idea of the videos ranked above your video when you see the Top 3 videos on this list. In addition to that, other information such as the date of upload and title information is also displayed.
  • If your video has received enough likes and views, it will be automatically placed on this counting system. However, you must remember that your video should have a minimum of 1000-2000 views before it becomes eligible for this process.
  • There are other factors as well which you need to keep in mind. For example, if your video is a non-profit-oriented venture, you will be ranked much higher on the counting system. Other than that, if your video has been uploaded for more than two weeks and it still hasn’t received enough likes, then it will be placed at the bottom of the list. In most cases, this feature becomes useful when your video has been uploaded in some particular category or related to a holiday or event.

If you wish to find out how many views, likes, and comments your video has, you should look at the number displayed on the given details. It will be of brilliant help to you in deciding whether you should Buy YouTube Likes or not. In addition, YouTube has now opened up an opportunity to rank its videos. In YouTube Loves, users have the opportunity to express their love for a video on the website by adding a heart icon next to it, which will give it top rankings.

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