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Hiring A Freelancer Vs App Development Company For Your Project


Are you looking for web or mobile app developments to gain a better online presence? Are you confused about choosing an app development company or freelancer for completing the task?

Do you struggle to decide to choose a web or mobile app developer? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. You can get your queries resolved about choosing between the remote Freelancer and dedicated App Development Company.

Freelancer Vs App Development Company:

In the modern day, many people prefer to choose a freelance developer for only a short period of time or even for specific needs. In this process, the developer and clients will be discussing the needed requirements. They also define the timeline for the projects. The freelancers would be working on multiple projects at the time.

Below are some of the important factors for selecting the freelance developers:

  • Easy and effective communication
  • Pricing
  • Maintenance and support
  • Recommendations
  • Dependable and quality portfolio
  • Compliance with quality
  • Security

App Development Company provides better engagement on the work and clients. App Development Company assigns the developer to work on your project dedicatedly. These also ensure quality work will be delivered within the timeframe.

Many businesses choose to hire mobile app development company with strong bonds between the customers like NDA. These also help both parties to understand each other by sharing unique ideas. Hiring a development team from an App development company gives you the following advantage.

  • Scalable development team
  • Security
  • Availability
  • Expertise and skills
  • Communication
  • Maintenance and support
  • Pricing
  • Quality

Freelancers Vs Dedicated Development Team: Whom To Choose?

1.     Resources:

✔      App Development Company:

Hiring the company for your app development lets you provide the right resources along with skills. These are suitable for completing the project on time. You can get enough designers, testers, and developers. The App Development Company uses various tools to provide comprehensive service.

✔      Freelancers:

Freelancers do not provide an organized solution when offering wonderful services. Freelancers also lack more tools or resources which are offered by the enterprises. Freelancers work alone, handling everything while lacking all skills for the project in demand.

2.     App Development Methodology:

✔      App Development Company:

For making effective App Development, it is important to use the right Methodology. App Development Company uses the best methodology for matching the needs of clients. The main reason is that they would be analyzing projects with the needs of clients. They also deliver quick as well as quality results.

✔      Freelancers:

Normally, Freelancers do not follow the App development methodologies based on the requirements of clients. They would be getting the work done as expected.

3.     Commitment:

✔      App Development Company:

Many companies hire mobile app development company for all the needs of app development. They would be delivering perfect solutions within budget as well as time, even without affecting quality. A dedicated team is completely focused and committed in all aspects.

✔      Freelancers:

Freelancers especially work on different projects, so they would juggle them based on properties. Getting hold of freelancers is also not an easier task. Sometimes, they would be more money minded and less committed as each project will be a source of income.

4.     Responsibility:

✔      App Development Company:

Your project will be handled in a dedicated development company by a team of designers as well as developers. They would also be led by the project managers to easily enable better stability for the project.

The project manager will be looking into the project if there is any issue. So they would be responsible for gaining constant communication with stakeholders.

✔      Freelancers:

Normally, the freelancer will handle all the tasks by themselves. So even a small change in plan or bug in the project could delay consequent activities. The freelancer will be responsible for everything on the project along with the delivery.

5.     Focus:

✔      App Development Company:

Choosing the app development company for your project ensures to focus on projects and complete them within the deadline. Whether you hire mobile app development company, then it would be significant to have enough people having the best skill sets for projects.

✔      Freelancers:

Normally, things will be quite different when you hire freelancers, as the quality of work offered will not be up to the standard. Sometimes, they could miss the guidelines. Some freelancers have limited knowledge of working on different projects. They are also prepared for all issues arising in the project.

6.     Flexibility:

✔      App Development Company:

The success ratio of the projects is higher when compared to the freelancers. The main reason is that the company could provide skilled and well-experienced programmers to work on the projects. Whether you require adding new skilled developers for the project, then the company would be helping to scale the team.

✔      Freelancers:

The success ratio of the projects from the freelancers would be quite lower compared to the App Development Companies. You are required to go through the process of finding a freelance developer for the project.

7.     NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement):

✔      App Development Company:

It is quite common that the App development company would sign the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with the client to provide the project ownership. These are the common procedures that make you feel completely secure under product compliance.

✔      Freelancers:

Freelancers do not have any kind of these contracts or security features. They also sign some papers for the projects, but the safety of the app is not reliable. You would be responsible for ensuring the security of projects by extensively taking essential action.


If you are planning to hire developers for your app project, then it is best to opt for the mobile app development company over a freelancer. You can consider the above to decide between hiring freelance developers or a development team for the next app project.

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