EducationGet the Perfect Pink Rolling Paper for Your Project

Get the Perfect Pink Rolling Paper for Your Project



A pink rolling paper might sound like something you’d find at the bottom of your bag next to the old Hershey bar wrapper, but it has its uses whether you’re taking advantage of the gender-neutral design or just looking to add some color to your accessories.

A pink rolling paper can be an excellent addition to your collection of smoking products. Here are three ways you can use this fun new product. A pink rolling paper can be a perfect addition to your rolling supplies. 

These papers come in many, but the pink variety can add even more excitement to your next party gathering or family dinner. Here’s how to get the right pink rolling paper for your next project.

Why try Pink Blunts

A pink rolling paper might seem a bit out of place at first. But if you’re a fan of blunts and like to show off your feminine side, it’s worth looking into. These unique papers come in many styles and sizes and help provide that excellent pink smoke without any additional flavour. 

The best part is that these papers are made from organic hemp, so you can feel good about yourself while getting high. And since they don’t have any extra flavouring added, there isn’t much difference between these and traditional papers other than their colour. Try using pink rolling papers next time if you want to get creative with your blunt smoking experience or want something different.

Ways to Roll with Blunts

If you want to roll with blunts, take a step back and think about how you want to start your smoking session. Maybe you don’t have time to smoke a fat joint but would like to use rolling papers anyway. In that case, grab some pre-rolled thin paper and twist it up right before adding in your ground bud or herbs.

Once your blunt is rolled tightly enough that there are no gaps, it’s time to smoke it! You can choose how long of a rod you want at first. But don’t make it too long until you know how your blunt will roll; otherwise, you might get tobacco on your lips while smoking.

Best Cones and Filters For Blunts

Options are abundant when choosing a good cone and filter for your blunt. While you may think that all cones are created equal, there are a few key factors to consider when choosing. For instance, one of my favourite aspects of Apple cones is their larger size which leaves plenty of room to use your finger to roll up a perfect blunt every time.

However, they can be a bit more fragile than other brands, so if you plan to keep yours in your pocket and take it out often, I’d suggest opting for something sturdier like Zig-Zag or RAW. 


Having a wide variety of options is vital if you’re looking to craft a great smoke sesh. Then opt for some crazy pink papers to make those water bongs stand out. 

Remember, there’s no rule saying you can’t use multiple packs in a single session. you might end up with more rolling papers than marijuana, and that’s never a bad thing.

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