Home ImprovementFactors to Consider When Choosing an Engineered Flooring 

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Engineered Flooring 


With the variety of woods, colours, and treatments available today, shopping for a wood floor might be frightening. Homeowners owe it to themselves to investigate the benefits and beauty of wood flooring while shopping for engineered flooring. Nothing beats the charm and warmth that wood flooring brings to any room. They’re cosy, challenging, and surprisingly affordable. While there are numerous possibilities, not all types of wood flooring are suitable for all situations. 

There are a few aspects to consider while choosing the best wood floor for your house.

Wood Flooring Type

Solid and engineered wood flooring are the two main categories of wood flooring products. The margins of solid wood flooring are traditionally tongue and grooved together once the solid wood logs are milled. Prefinished or raw solid wood is offered as parquet, strips, and planks. Solid hardwood is above many layers of plywood and composite material that make up engineered wood flooring. A hardwood layer with a thickness of 3 to 8 mm is added to engineered wood flooring.

Engineered wood flooring comprises many layers of plywood and composite material, with a layer of genuine hardwood on top. Engineered wood flooring has a hardwood layer that ranges from 3 to 8 mm.

Room size

Consider the size of the space where the hardwood flooring will be installed when deciding on its colour. Darker colours may be used in bigger rooms, while lighter tints work best in smaller areas with less natural light. A darker floor is an excellent choice to create a cosy ambience.


Consider your home’s overall style while making any design decisions. Make sure to view your home’s interior characteristics, including any furniture, trim work, lighting fixtures, or other design aspects that must coordinate with your chosen hardwood flooring. While modern homes prefer light wood, more classic homes typically fit a blend of darker and lighter types.

Plank Size

The size of the plank might affect how your space looks. Narrower and shorter boards may make a space look more extensive and more profound. On the other hand, wide boards might have the opposite impact on the room. Choose the plank size based on the size of the space for which you are looking for flooring.


Consider only professionals while searching for the best hardwood or laminate flooring company. Only organisations with current licences and industry certificates to support their competency should be considered. The legitimacy of the business is demonstrated by documents such as state licences, permits, and insurance. The company should ideally have flooring-specific permission rather than a general contractor’s. Insurance is also significant in addition to this. Insurance will cover you if an accident occurs on the job site while the installation is done and a worker is hurt.

Surface Preparation

Before settling on an engineered wood flooring option, consider the surface treatment. The surface treatment of engineered flooring may significantly affect your living areas’ overall appearance and feel. Whether you want a vintage, modern, or rustic aesthetic, you may pick between stained, natural, and smoked surface treatments.


The installation will be simple or complex, depending on the kind of subfloor you currently have in your house. Under the flooring of most homes are plywood, particle boards, or concrete slabs. You can use solid or engineered hardwood flooring if your subfloor is plywood. However, if your subfloor is particle board, you must swap it out for plywood before installing solid or engineered hardwood flooring.

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