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Everything You Need To Know About Marion Jolles And Jordan Bratman


Marion Jolles

Marion Jolles is a French journalist & TV presenter probably most famous as the partner of Romain Grosjean, a racing driver who presently competes with ‘Dale Coyne Racing’ in the ‘NTT IndyCar Series’. Marion works as a sportswriter. Jolles’s nationality is French. Marion Jolles is popular for co-hosting the show ‘Automoto’ with Denis Brogniart, which telecasts on TF1 every Sunday.

Marion Jolles: Early Life

Jolles was born in Saint-Etienne City, Loire Department, France, on December 8, 1981. In Paris, Marion finished her journalism studies. After earning a Master’s degree in English, Jolles went to Canada for almost six months of additional studies.

Marion Jolles: Marriage

Marion is happily married to her Formula One racing driver, Romain Grosjean. Marion and Romain exchanged wedding vows in France on June 27, 2012. Romain & Marion have three kids, two boys and one girl. Sacha Grosjean is their first son, Simon is their second son, and Camille, their third child, is a newborn girl.

Marion Jolles: Net Worth

The highly skilled journalist is a well-known personality, and it is assumed that Marion Jolles has amassed a large fortune through her profession. Marion’s income comes from her work as a TV presenter & journalist. Marion’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million USD. Marion, the stunning celebrity, has been well-known since 2015. Jolles has over 87K Instagram followers, 846 followings, and has posted approximately 510 beautiful pictures with her spouse up to this point. Marion Jolles is also very active on other social media platforms.

Jordan Bratman

Jordan Bratman (born 4 June 1977) is a music marketer from the United States. Bratman  is famed for his high profile marriage to Aguilera, with whom he had a son from 2005 to 2011.

Jordan Bratman: Career

Jordan Bratman appointed Bratman as the head of the A & R department at ‘DARP Music Inc.’ in Atlanta in 1999. Jordan collaborated with Austin, Pink, Michael Jackson, and Christina Aguilera, among others. Bratman relocated to Los Angeles in 2002. Jordan established his own management company. Jordan Bratman served as a consultant for ‘UMG and Universal Pictures’ on the Bad Boys 2 soundtrack.

Jordan Bratman: Early Life

Jordan was born in New York’s South Bronx. Bratman is the child of music producer Gail and Jack. Bratman got his first job when he was sixteen. Jordan went on to work as an intern at several New York City recording studios. Bratman earned his business management degree at ‘Tulane University’s ‘A.B. Freeman School of Business’ in New Orleans, Louisiana, after graduating from the ‘Ethical Culture Fieldston School’ in New York in 1995. Jordan began seeking out and tracking local artists at the ‘American Sector Recording Studio’ in New Orleans while a student there.

Jordan Bratman

Jordan Bratman: Marriage With Christina Aguilera

Jordan Bratman is the ex-husband of Christina Aguilera. Bratman met her in 2002, and they married in California, on 19 November 2005. Max was born on 12 January 2008, in California. According to media reports on 12 October 2010, Bratman & Aguilera had been split for months. Christina filed for divorce on 14 October 2010, just weeks after validating their separation. The divorce of Bratman and Aguilera was finalized on 15 April 2011.

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