HealthEverything About Medical Tourism In India 

Everything About Medical Tourism In India 


Recently, healthcare services in India have witnessed a rising trend contributing immensely to the nation’s economy. The rapid growth of healthcare services in India emerges despite the traditional focus on well ingrained, diverse industries, such as refineries, technology, manufacturing, and electronics. As per a recent survey, India’s healthcare sector was worth 160 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 and is predicted to reach approximately 372 billion dollars by 2022.

Due to the wide range of high-quality treatments accessible at low costs and the possibility to visit some of the world’s most beautiful sites, India has become a popular destination for medical tourists. Undoubtedly, medical tourism firms in India are high in demand because of the growth in medical tourism. 

Building on a storied legacy in medicine, India has world-class expertise to offer in both conventional and alternative streams of medicine.  Let us find out more!

Benefits Of Medical Tourism in India

With advanced technology and the commencement of the digital health movement in India, the patient has become the centre of all solutions. Thus, bringing in a ton of benefits for patients across the globe.

Treatment options that are both efficient and affordable

Many individuals fly abroad for medical treatment since the cost is much lower. Many patients who have travelled to India for treatment say that the savings may vary from 30% to 80% of the cost of the same therapy in the U.S. It is possible to get an extensive range of economic treatment alternatives at private, state-run, or government-aided hospitals in India’s major cities. 

● Medical care and treatment centres of excellence 

Highly qualified and certified physicians and surgeons from western nations like the US, UK, and Germany are quite common among Indian healthcare providers. Many medical centres in India are recognised by well-known worldwide organisations like ISO, JCAHO, and JCI, demonstrating that the medical facilities provided are of international standards. Consequently, patients who visit India for medical treatment can be assured of high-quality care. 

● Excellent communication services and accessible flights

To make an appointment for treatment in India, international patients might use the internet. The medical visa application procedure in India is very straightforward and fast. This avoids the need for multiple trips to various hospitals for evaluations before narrowing the choice down to a final few options. Travel could be planned in the week or even on the day of surgery. Flight services link you to any city where the hospital is situated, no matter where you’re travelling from. 

● Find the opportunity to explore the world.

Even while medical tourism is all about getting the most effective medical treatment at a reasonable price, it also enables individuals to experience a new nation. The natural beauty of India and its culture are popular among medical tourists, particularly those seeking aesthetic care or mindful therapies. 

What are the popular destinations in India for Medical Tourism? 

The following are some of India’s most popular medical tourism destinations to visit: 

● Tamil Nadu

Medical tourists rank this treasure in South India as one of their top picks for a vacation. The state has become India’s health capital because of its low-cost treatments and high-quality medical care. 

● Maharashtra

The state’s medical institutions offer world-renowned expertise in various fields. A worldwide gateway for air travel (Mumbai) and the availability of world-class professionals have made Maharashtra a popular destination for medical tourism in India. 

●  Ahmedabad

The capital of Gujarat is one of India’s most popular and fastest-growing medical tourism destinations. It provides the best facilities in the country, providing top-notch service, and medical competence. 

Banglore, Goa, and Hyderabad are other well-known destinations for medical tourists.

Wrapping Up

India has emerged as the leading destination for medical tourism because of its high success rate in medical care. The medical tourism and healthcare services in India can help you obtain high-quality medical care at a reasonable price.

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