FashionDon’t make these lame mistakes while styling with leggings

Don’t make these lame mistakes while styling with leggings


There are many kinds of bottom wear in the market and every year, you can see new bottom wear popping in the market. Well, some of those promising-looking bottoms wear turn out to be fads while others stay there for just a couple of years. And then there are those bottom wears that become timeless, like leggings. 

Leggings were introduced to the fashion realm back in 1960 and this means it has been more than 60 years since someone wore the leggings for the first time. The one main reason why leggings haven’t lost their popularity over such a long period of time is they are highly versatile and they look good on everyone and with anything. 

Whether you are wearing a kurti for a festive party or have bought a crop top for a casual outing, the one thing that is going to remain common in all of these situations is the leggings. You can use leggings for layering, as normal pants and you can also use them as a part of your favorite casual ensemble. 

But just because leggings are so versatile doesn’t mean that they are prone to mistakes. You can make the worst fashion mistakes even while styling with leggings. Let’s explore some of those mistakes in this blog post. 

Keep see-through leggings at bay 

If something should be considered a sin in the fashion realm then it should be buying a see-through legging and having the dare to even try it. If you are planning to look great in your favorite leggings and want it to aid in those extra movements then you must invest in quality legging crafted from high-grade fabric. 

If you succumb to those heavy discounts that make the price tag on the leggings look too good to be true then get ready to take the risk of wearing a see-through attire that can make things quite awkward. Also, such cheap quality leggings pants don’t last long and just a single stretch is enough to tear them apart. 

So, even while trying to save money, you are going to end up increasing the frequency of buying leggings and this will soon turn into a money-guzzler. 

Maintain your distance from flashy prints 

There is a reason why reputed companies always deal in plain and simple leggings with solid colors. Well, if you are wearing leggings with flashy prints and large patterns then it’s going to draw the attention away from the rest of your attire. 

Also, keep the most common thumb rule in mind, the larger the prints, the more volume it is going to add to your outfit. So, even if you don’t have any problem with leggings gravitating the attention, you will never wish to look fat just because of the wrong type of legging pants. 

So, if you are focused on getting rid of a couple of inches from your waist and drawing attention from all other parts of your body, you better choose a nice-looking legging with solid colors. 

Never opt for too short leggings 

There are many women who are short legging fiends and although some styles and designs even in the short legging category look great, they usually mark the shape of your leg and naturally add unwanted volume to your form and figure. This is the main reason why I should never fall for short leggings. 

Ideal leggings usually end up just above the ankle and this is what gives a flattering look to your limbs. Also, such kinds of leggings also make you look longer just like in the case of treggings for women

Never consider them as sportswear only 

One of the biggest misconceptions women have out there is wearing leggings means being sports-ready. Leggings are so versatile that they can go along with any kind of outfit and look great on any occasion as long as you know how to play along around them. 

You must have seen many celebrities wearing leggings on several occasions and it’s obvious that they are not always going to the gym or doing any sports activity. For example, if the festive season is about to knock on your door, you can buy cute-looking leggings and pair them with your favorite kurta for an ethnic look. 

Leggings are the most versatile and comfortable gifts from the fashion world to women all around the globe. From making you ramp-ready to offering great comfort during casual outings, leggings play a wide variety of roles. 

But even while wearing something as versatile as leggings, you should be wary of the fashion blunders mentioned in this blog post. Just the basic pairing knowledge and a bit of color game is all you need to accentuate your look with a nice looking legging bought from a reputable company. 

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