BusinessCreating an outdoor summer office

Creating an outdoor summer office


Sometimes at home it is difficult to get involved in work – either household members or household chores distract. That is why it is very important to have your own mini-office. It could be a private room, a cozy nook in a pantry, on a balcony, or just a table in a living room or even a bedroom, but with the onset of spring, your backyard or garden will be ideal. Whatever your workplace, it should be comfortable for you personally and functional at the same time – so that everything superfluous is hidden from view, and everything important is always at hand. We never envy freelancers as much as in the summer, when on the sunniest days these people free from the office can work even on their balcony, even on the seashore! So, today we will talk about the dream office or, in other words, how to equip yourself with an outdoor workplace.

The American architect Kimber Reed empirically found out that 8 square meters is enough for a person to organize a personal office, the main thing is that the office is not in the house, but in the farthest corner of the garden.

Comfortable furniture

By working remotely, we all now have the huge advantage of not having to follow any dress code. And this means that the furniture can become less sterile, but, on the contrary, relaxed and comfortable. We advise you to take a closer look at modern outdoor furniture, especially since today’s manufacturers and suppliers delight with diversity and multifunctionality, amazing appearance and ergonomics. We advise you to check different manufacturers of outdoor furniture UAE, Indonesia, Italy, Sweden – they are particularly popular due to their high quality outdoor furniture.

Best view

In the new working conditions, it is important to take advantage of unexpectedly given opportunities. Office clerks, working for years and even decades in the office, were deprived of a pleasant view from the window. The lucky ones sometimes have views of the wall of a neighboring building. What can we say about those who work in a spacious open space and do not have the opportunity to take a break from the computer, looking out the window. Many noted that the view from the window is what they have long dreamed of. If you are in the country or even at home, choose the best place with the best view. We recommend setting up your workplace right in the middle of the most picturesque corner of your garden.


Think about the fact that the place where you spend all your working time from now on should have an aesthetically well-groomed look – no need for anything complicated, but just like a pile of unironed laundry at the back of your house, garden supplies or members passing by in pajamas families will be embarrassed to show colleagues when they have to communicate in online conferences. Therefore, take care of creating a favorable background for video chats. You can simply set the table in such a way that there is no passage zone in the background and you can not be distracted from work.

A beautiful vintage carafe with clear water is also a must for this period, as is a blanket for that moment when, a little tired from work, you want to take a well-deserved nap.

Low stress zone

Historically, writers and artists have always sought to break free, to nature, where it is much easier to breathe and create. This approach allows you to get the long-awaited silence, when nothing interferes with the thought and creative processes. The garden office creates a special working atmosphere. If we take into account that during the work a nice view of the flower beds and greenery opens up, we can talk about inspiration and productivity. Same with remote work. Plenty of greenery and trees around your new workspace will help reduce stress levels, while brightly colored flowers in containers will help create a cheerful, upbeat mood that is the best way to work.


When the storage system in the home office is mismanaged and there is not enough space, it is immediately visible. The surface of the table starts to clutter up. To prevent this from happening, use all the usable space. Sometimes it is not obvious, for example, the back of a chair or the sidewall of a table. Place hanging containers with pockets there. They can store notebooks, phone, tablet, note paper, etc.

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