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Comparing Samsung and LG TV Screens: Which Is the Best Choice?


Samsung and LG have risen as prominent representatives with modern TV products featuring high-end screen technology that provides outstanding entertainment experiences. This article will compare Samsung and LG TV screens based on various criteria, allowing you to evaluate and choose the product that best suits your needs.

1.  4 Criteria for Comparing Samsung and LG TV Screens

1 – Similarities: Both Samsung and LG TV screens have several similarities in design and image quality, such as:

  • Flat, curved, and infinity screens
  • The application of the most advanced screen technology
  • 4K and 8K screen resolutions
  • A wide range of prices and sizes

2 – Differences: To compare Samsung and LG TV screens, Also you can focus on five criteria, including design, screen technology, image quality, pricing, and more. Also You can see the specifics in the table below:

CriteriaSamsung TVLG TV
DesignMinimal, sleek with soft curves and thin bezels, offering a modern and sophisticated feel.Square, modern, with many innovations, like curved screens, creating a fresh and attractive look.
Screen TechnologyQLED, OLED, Neo QLED, etc., focusing on high brightness and precise color reproduction.OLED, QNED, NanoCell, etc., providing extremely deep contrast, wide viewing angles, and truly black colors.
Image QualityDeep, vibrant, and eye-catching colors, with each frame appearing smooth and beautiful, even during fast motion.True-to-life, natural colors, bright and beautiful displays, with high detail in images.
PricingVND 8,000,000 – 1,000,000,000.VND 22,000,000 – 890,000,000.

LG and Samsung both have diverse screen designs of high quality

2. Which TV Screen to Choose: Samsung or LG?

LG and Samsung both offer a set of special features that cater to diverse user needs and preferences.

1 – When to Choose an LG TV Screen:

If you have a limited budget and are looking for a TV screen in the budget or mid-range segment, LG can be a suitable choice. LG products are generally affordable while still offering good quality and performance. LG TVs are also an optimal choice for gamers due to their low latency, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

If you are looking for an entertainment device with a price range from VND 10,000,000 to 12,000,000, tivi 50UQ8000PSC is a perfect choice. You will enjoy impressive entertainment moments with sharp display quality and vivid sound.

2 – When to Choose a Samsung TV Screen: 

If you value diversity in features, technology, and want to maximize your entertainment experiences without being overly concerned about the price, Samsung might be the suitable choice. 

Samsung usually introduces products with various innovations, from modern designs to advanced imaging technology, providing an optimized range of features for movie watching, gaming, and entertainment. 65Q60B is one of the outstanding TV models from Samsung that you should not miss. The device possesses sharp, realistic image quality and extremely reasonable price, from only 8,000,000 VND.

The choice will depend on each person’s needs and abilities

We hope this article helps you gather useful information for comparing Samsung and LG TV screens. Both LG and Samsung have shown their importance in the TV screen market with high-quality products in terms of design and image quality. Also You Before making your decision, carefully consider your needs, budget, and personal preferences.

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