BusinessBusiness Owners: Do You Want a More Comfortable Office?...

Business Owners: Do You Want a More Comfortable Office? Here Are the 5 Reasons You Should Install a VRF System


Many business owners are familiar with conventional HVAC systems that require colossal space and pump air to an entire room. But a VRF system is an alternative that is becoming popular, especially in metropolises where real estate is at a premium.

In contrast to having one bulky and loud central unit, a VRF system has more compact air handlers that can be controlled and piped individually into the system. As suggested by its name, this system controls the amount of refrigerant that flows into each air handler.

Consistent comfort

A VRF system’s compressor unit accurately identifies each zone’s requirements and sends specific amounts of refrigerant to the air handling unit. For example, a computer room with sun exposure will get more cooling than a shaded area.

Because of this precise flow, cold and hot spots and humidity issues are eliminated. Consistent comfort is delivered that will help boost employee productivity. When factoring in the advantages of a VRF system, outfitting your building with continuous comfort is a no-brainer.

Noise-free operation 

The condensing unit of a VRF system is typically installed outside your building or in a mechanical room. The air handlers of a VRF are smaller and quieter than those of large central units with massive ductwork. Because of this, you won’t have a noisy AC disrupting your business.

Energy efficiency 

One of the terrific benefits of a VRF is energy efficiency. Most systems only run at a single speed: either on or off. But a VRF is built to run at varying speeds and supplies a precise amount of refrigerant needed to cool a room. As a result, the system utilizes less energy since it runs at a lower capacity and less frequently. 

Easy installation for small spaces

Another top benefit of a VRF is its compactness and flexibility. This system is travel friendly. You are not required to allocate a considerable space for this unit for maintenance or service shafts. A VRF does not require distribution fans, hefty pipes, and water pumps for its operation.

This system is also easy to install. Since it eats up less space, there is more space for you to use. This is a huge plus, especially in urban cities where real estate is a premium.

Since a VRF does not require ducts and utilize small air handlers, it provides you more flexibility for handler locations and eliminates the need to take up wall and ceiling space for installing large ducts. It is good news for business owners who don’t want ductwork on their high ceilings.

Get zoned comfort with targeted heating and cooling.

In many cases, different rooms will have additional heating and cooling requirements.

One of the terrific benefits of a VRF is that it delivers the best temperature to different zones of a building.

A VRF has the intellectual ability to capture heat and redirect it to other areas in the building which may require heating.

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