financeBitIQ: The Safest Way To Make Money In Crypto?

BitIQ: The Safest Way To Make Money In Crypto?


Deciding to trade cryptocurrency is one of the best financial decisions you could ever make. But although automated trading is the easiest and most profitable, several people are still wary of it. With the several online scams people fall into, who can blame them, especially since some of these websites pretend to be automated trading platforms. But there are several legit trading platforms like BitIQ that have been proven secure and safe for trading.

Despite the cryptocurrency market’s volatility, the market keeps getting more profitable daily. And automated trading is the answer to making profitable deals with the least possible risk involved. It also helps that since robots can trade round the clock, there’s an increased amount of profitable deals you can execute in a single day. BitIQ is one of the safest trading platforms you can find online. Before you invest in BitIQ, read here about the platform‘s safety.

BitIQ: What Is It And How Does It Work?

BitIQ is a secure cryptocurrency trading platform that helps investors execute trades with little input from the investor. The developer created it so traders can trade profitably irrespective of their busy schedule or level of trading experience. BitIQ allows traders to select from a variety of cryptocurrencies to trade.

BitIQ uses artificial intelligence to generate signals from market data like crypto news and historical price charts. The software then makes accurate predictions based on these market data. The robot also scans the market for potentially profitable trades and places automated buy/sell orders on behalf of the trader. The trading platform also provides a demo trading mode so traders can familiarize themselves with the software and understand the settings to maximize it for a profitable trade.

Is BitIQ A Secure Trading Platform?

One of the reasons BitIQ is fast becoming popular among traders is that it offers traders a secure and transparent platform. BitIQ also has a lot of security measures in place to ensure that traders’ funds and information are secure. The software asks you to provide a long, secure password to prevent your account from being hacked into during the verification process. Also, all funds and information are encrypted with high-end SSL encryption. In case of a data breach, which is rare, you have no cause to worry.

Pros And Cons Of BitIQ


·         It has a user-friendly interface

·         It has a leverage trading feature

·         It uses advanced trading strategies like arbitrage trading, price trend analysis, and news trading.

·         Safe and secure trading platform

·         A wide range of payment options

·         Variety of digital currencies to choose from

·         No hidden fees or charges

·         In collaboration with regulated brokers


·         The identity of the developer is unknown

·         It doesn’t eliminate the risk of trading

·         No mobile app

Beginner Tips For Trading With BitIQ

Understand the cryptocurrency market and the asset you want to trade

Deciding to invest in crypto just because other people are without necessarily understanding how the market works can put you at a disadvantage. Learning how the market works and what influences price changes and understanding terminologies will also go a long in your trading journey. It would be best if you also learned about the asset you’re trading, factors that influence its price, and market changes over a period. That way, you’ll reduce the risks involved in trading.

Start small

Although higher capital equals higher profit, it also means higher loss. If you’re investing for the first time, you should start with the minimum deposit. Know that automated trading doesn’t guarantee 100% success, so there’s still the risk of loss. As you get better at trading generally, you can gradually increase your capital.

Be consistent with your trading strategy.

If you backtest your trading strategy, and it works well, you should stick to it. While demo trading, you can try other trading strategies but do not test a new trading strategy in a live trading session. If your trading strategy works for you, stick to it until you find a better one. You increase the risk of loss by trying a strategy you’re yet to test in a live trading session. 

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