TechBenefits of using the crawler boom lift

Benefits of using the crawler boom lift


Every job has certain setbacks and challenges. Those working as constructor workers might face some issues, like working at the top of a multi-storey building is quite dangerous. Thus, it is important to make sure the safety of the workers. To make this work safer and more convenient for the people, aerial lifts are utilised. Traditional equipment, gadgets like the scaffold and cranes were used for a long time to work at greater heights. But there were not much safer to work with. 

Thus, to make it more convenient, the aerial is designed. They have narrow bases and big platforms that are much safer than the traditional ones. This article will discuss the benefits of compact crawler boom lifts.

What are compact crawler lifts?

This lightweight equipment allows people to take it around easily between different job sites. It utilises AC Power and an optimal electrical system of lithium ions that do not make emissions. Thus, it is environmentally friendly. They can be easily climbed through slopes because of their wheels. Their narrow size allows them to pass through the yards, gates and standard doorways, making them ideal for outdoor and indoor jobs.

When you wish to buy a compact crawler boom lift, you first need to understand its various features. Some of these includes:

  • It can reach workplaces with great and different heights
  • Environment friendly
  • Lastly, it can go into little places and take heavy loads.

The compact crawler boom lifts are utilised to work indoors in very small places that are difficult to access as they can easily pass the doorways and even the narrow aisleways. Thus, if there are no stairs to work with, you can use this equipment for climbing. Apart from this, it has outdoor applications too, including `working at the exterior part of the building or the roof or terrace.

Things you must know if you are considering buying a crawler Boom lift

Before you decide to purchase a crawler lift, you first need to know how much higher you want to go once you get a clear idea of this, you can choose the crawler boom lift.

  • Apart from this, the speed of the aerial lift also matters.
  • Consider the size of the bucket or the platform which carries the person, and the platform’s weight capacity should also be considered. 
  • Check engine capacity and functions such as the emission, hydraulics, tire wire, and many more.
  • If you choose an indoor application, check if it has the right power source. Also, check for the hitches and the brakes to see if they are working properly or not.

One more important thing to note here is that if you choose to ride a crawler boom lift, you might have to get a license first. Once you get the OSHA certification, you can get the crawler boom lift. The compact crawler boom lift rentals are available after getting a license.

Benefits of utilising the crawler boom lift

The crawler boom lift is a small-size aerial lift used for outdoor and indoor applications. There are several benefits of utilising the crawler boom lifts: 

  • Automate the pallet handling operations 

Operate pallet handling is difficult and highly manual. It may lead to serious damage to the product. Thus, to avoid some mishappenings, the crawler boom lifts are used. It can lift the pallet easily to whatever height you want to take them. Thus, reducing the risk of damaging the product. Once the pallet is automated, it becomes easier to operate, and the task will be completed much faster than usual, saving most of the time.

  • Reducing the chances of injuries to the people

The compact crawler boom lifts reduce the chance of injury as these have wider platforms which reduces the chance of falling. Also, it has a good power source, making it work properly. 

  • Enhance productivity

It makes the work go easier, making the pallet handling easier. Thus, enhancing productivity. It can lift two or three people so that the work can be done much more quickly. 

  • Load capacity

If you buy a crawler boom lifter, the first and foremost thing to look after is the load capacity, which is how much weight it can lift. It has greater load capacity and can lift to 

Two hundred pounds can achieve a height of up to 120 feet.

So, these are some of the benefits of utilising indoor crawler boom lifts. You can get the compact crawler boom rental from Xpress in Houston if you want to purchase it.


Working in indoor places is not better than the compact crawler boom lifts rental. It is used to attain a height of up to 120 feet and lift to 200 pounds. The compact crawler boom rental is available on Xpress rentals. You can check their website,, to get the full details about the crawler boom lifter.

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