LawAre you sure you are stuck with a BMW...

Are you sure you are stuck with a BMW lemon?


Many people think that they are stuck with lemon only to later find out that their faulty car doesn’t qualify for the lemon law. Well, for a car to be called a lemon, it needs to have an issue that compromises the operation of the car. Apart from this, you must have taken the car to the manufacturer for repair, and even after several attempts, the issue must exist. 

Although, the number of lemons has reduced in the past couple of years as car manufacturers have become more concerned about the quality but on occasions, even the most reputed car manufacturers can mess up. Here is how to think about the lemon and what to do next. 

Check if the problem is common

If you are dealing with a persistent problem then the first thing you should check is whether the problem is common or not. For doing so, you just need to run a quick search on the internet and check whether other car owners are dealing with a similar issue or not. 

You may get quick information that you are dealing with an existing problem and rather than taking things to the court, you can just call the dealer and get the issue fixed. But just because no one out there is experiencing a problem similar to yours doesn’t make your issue any less real. This is why you should always let your dealer know about the problem you are facing without any procrastination. 

Find out what the manufacturer knows

A decade ago, auto manufacturers were able to offer a secret warranty on specific and acknowledged defects. The fixes will be offered to only those customers who were regular in demanding repair or compensation. 

But there is no way auto manufacturers can keep these kinds of problems a secret these days. The NHTSA maintains a proper database of recalls and TSBs for manufacturers according to every mark and model. 

So, you must find out what the manufacturers know about the defect that you are dealing with and again you simply need to use the internet for this purpose or you can even get in touch with the manufacturer before understanding the BMW lemon law

Does your state think it’s a lemon too?

Different states have different definitions for what is called a persistent problem in a car and even for the number of attempts that will get you over the borderline of the lemon territory. For example, in New York, four attempts are considered reasonable and it can make your car qualify for the lemon law. 

But in Massachusetts, the law requires at least three attempts in the first 15,000 miles for any car to be called a lemon. This is why you should always refer to the BMW lemon law of your own state before going to court. 

Should I hire a lemon law lawyer?

Lemon law is not only complicated but it can be tough to fathom as well. This is the main reason why you should always get in touch with a lemon law lawyer before making any final decision. A lemon law lawyer will help you in deciding what to do next and he will also strengthen your case in court. 

You should never go to the court for a lemon law case just because you think you have lemon as there are many factors that make your car enter the lemon territory. It is always a better idea to get in touch with a lemon lawyer and get proper consultation before going to court. 

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