SportsA Guide to Installing Your New Furnace

A Guide to Installing Your New Furnace


Are you considering putting in a furnace in your house? If yours is outdated and inefficient, you might wish to replace it since you might save money on gasoline and cut down on carbon dioxide emissions.

Through the use of ducts, furnaces warm and transport air throughout the house. Though many contend that integrating various boiler types into your house is more difficult than installing a furnace, maybe you thought you would examine the procedure in detail.

Is hiring an expert necessary, or can you do it yourself? How much time does it take? Here are some things industry insiders believe you should know.

Putting in a furnace

Accurate specifications and pre-installation preparation are just as important to the furnace installation procedure as the actual installation day.

It is a wise move to swap out your outdated, inefficient, or significantly large furnace for a brand new furnace with a high efficiency rating. Before hiring a professional to measure your new furnace, the US Dept. of Energy suggests installing energy-efficient windows or enhancing your home’s insulation.

Prior to putting in a furnace

Primarily, the appropriate furnace must be chosen. Calculating the load in your house is necessary to select the appropriate equipment. Square footage, building materials, ceiling heights, the number of inhabitants, and even your appliances are considered during calculations.

A house’s window count, size, and kind are key factors in precisely calculating its load.

The ductwork is of additional significance. The new unit requires the ducting to be sufficiently large. It could need to be replaced in whole or in part.

It is imperative that wiring and gas lines be inspected prior to installation. It is essential to properly connect gas and electric appliances in your house to avoid creating hazardous situations.

Remember that the new furnace must be compatible with the air conditioning system. The new unit needs to work with the current air conditioning system. The AC unit and furnace blower must be matched for the furnace to force chilly air as well.

Remember that the chimney could need to have its lining replaced because the old liner might not exist or might have degraded. It would be a good idea to have the other heating system parts inspected before having the new furnace installed. Before installing your new furnace, make sure your vents and air ducts are clean by doing an examination.

To ensure that the HVAC experts installing your furnace do not run into any issues with the flow of air in your house, hire a skilled duct cleaning service beforehand.

Installation of Furnaces

Gas, if applicable, and electricity are switched off on the day of installation. The ancient furnace is then disconnected from its wiring, gas lines (, ducting, and ventilation before being taken out.

The space around the new device and the ductwork entry are then cleaned as needed.

If any changes to the ductwork are needed, they are made now. Next, before the new furnace is attached to the plenum as well as the ductwork system, it needs to be properly positioned.

The wires may be connected again, and the new unit sealed once it is properly installed. It is important to test the new furnace after installation to ensure optimal operation.

Are You Able to Install it Yourself?

For the installation of a furnace, you need to use a certified specialist. As you can see, to ensure the optimal operation of your heating system, furnace installation calls for expertise and understanding. It is crucial to choose an experienced professional to complete the task due to safety concerns as well.

Indeed, you can install it yourself. Is it wise to install a furnace yourself? Most likely not. Furnace installation is not a do-it-yourself project. Both electrical and plumbing repairs are involved. Always consult a professional when combining electrical and combustible natural gas.

Installing a furnace, yourself is not something you should do. It might not be allowed in most areas. An authorized installer could be needed for further tasks such as electrical modifications, ducting, and venting. It is usually necessary to have a professional installer or general contractor (GC) for even basic replacements that include connecting gas lines.

Inadequate installation can lead to hazardous conditions, such as potentially fatal carbon monoxide backdrafts.

It all depends on how complicated the installation is and how long the task will take. A furnace installation may take several hours. A simple furnace installation might take four to eight hours to complete. Installing a new condensation drain or vent flue might be one of the complications. Know more about this process here.

Furnace Upkeep and Care

Maintaining a new furnace after installation is crucial. When it comes to furnace maintenance, being proactive is more economical than being reactive. When an appliance malfunctions and has to be repaired or replaced, doing so is an expensive requirement.

Moreover, yearly furnace maintenance guarantees optimal heating efficiency, resulting in further cost savings over time. No one anticipates having furnace problems, yet the likelihood of them occurring increases without maintenance.

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