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8 things to do well before you step out for a vacation 


Being a travel lover is not a passion it has now become so much mandatory. In this busy world moving around us we need to find some time for ourselves. It can lead us towards a better life and that is why we can’t miss it. Self-care or self obsession is something that we all are missing. We forgot how important it is to pamper ourselves. So, if you are a travel lover and want to travel from one place to other then hotels are what we need. In order to arrange a stay on our trip, we need hotels. Endless options are available in hotels and that is why we don’t have to worry about it. But choosing from these numerous options sometimes becomes a bit difficult. 

Online booking sites and applications have made our lives easier. We can make every possible booking without any hassles from our phone only. We had never imagined that we can book hotels, tickets, and much more in just seconds. There are many things we need to do before finalizing our stay. Following are some of them to note next time- Nags Head.

* Preferring online mode: There are so many perks of relying on the online mode that we cannot miss. Earlier in the offline mode, it was very difficult to find travel booking agents and find what we like. Most of the time they are supposed to book the hotels or tickets in which they can earn something and no personal preference of the traveler was welcomed. In order to come out of this mess, these online booking sites have helped us a lot. So, choosing the online mode is helpful in a number of ways. 

* Considering the final booking price: We all know that sometimes there is a difference between the price quoted and the final price. These fluctuations are made due to various reasons and some of them can be- 

-Hidden charges of the hotels 

-Taxes or GST 

-Commission of the travel booking agents 

-Not applying coupon codes, etc

So, you need to clearly see to identify the difference if any. Make sure it is genuine and justifiable.

* Explore to the peak: It is very important to explore the entire range of hotels in Mumbai, Kerala, or anywhere you are traveling to so that you can better understand the scenario. If you have not searched about it then you cannot make the right decision. You can use your internet and Smartphone to find out all the available hotels around. Any people just search one or two options and they think they are done. But instead of this, you must search about everything before you choose any. The more you explore the variety of the hotels available, the better you will choose at the end. 

* Came to the conclusion only after comparing: You must compare all the available hotels as much as you can before you book. Comparing is the key to every successful decision we take. So, never miss this step and if you are thinking about how you will do the whole comparison then here is a guide-

1. Use your Smartphone or laptop or any other gadget- You can use any of the gadgets you have to search for the hotel options for your stay. 

2. Find a trustworthy website- You need to find a website or booking platform where you can search and book. In case you are still confused about which one to pick then read the reviews or go more in deep. This will help you to choose the one with lesser trust issues. 

3. Compare on different parameters: You must make use of the various parameters that can help you in finding the best one. The basic parameters used for these purposes are the cost of the booking, final price, amenities offered, recreational sources available, pool, breakfast buffet, etc. All these will be very helpful and that’s why we can’t miss them. 

*Checking the quoted price: The quoted price of the final booking plays an important role. The different hotels quote different prices and that is why we need to carefully look for them. Once we have explored the available ones and compared the hotels, then the next step is to check the price quoted. Once you choose whatever option suits you will see the price quoted. 

*Checking on the hidden costs: There can be many hidden costs involved in case you are making your hotel booking offline. The offline mode involves charges like the commission of the agent, company commission, etc. The customer or the client is the one who bears all these charges. But in the case of online mode, there are fewer chances of any hidden charge. Moreover, the price quoted at the end is very genuine and the majority of the time is always less as compared to the offline booking. But it should be our responsibility to check it. 

*Read the detailed bill: Even when you choose the online mode to make bookings of the hotels you will still get the bill. The bill is a detailed summary of the expenses that are covered in the bill. For example, it includes the hotel room charges, taxes, or any other service charge, if any. You must read the bill in detail so that in case any wrong charges are included you can know this before. 

* Keep a record of your online booking: Most of the time we just go hand free when we choose the online mode to make any bookings whether it is of hotel or movie. Going hands-free everywhere has become a trend which is why wireless gadgets have gained lots of popularity. Whenever you book a hotel online make sure you keep a record of the emails, SMSs, screenshots, or anything that you have received when you make your booking and pay the bill. Keeping this record will be helpful whenever you are asked by the authorities of the hotel regarding your booking.

So, all these are some of the things to do well before we fly for our next vacation. 

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