finance7 Ways to Monitor Your Bills from Your Phone

7 Ways to Monitor Your Bills from Your Phone


Tracking your spending and bills is the best way to manage your money. Even minor costs might cause you to go over your budget and end up missing out on essential bills.

There are multiple options available to effectively manage your expenses. Opting for budgeting software that seamlessly integrates with a mobile app for tracking your spending can offer a simpler solution, enabling you to stay on top of your finances even while on the go. 

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  1. The Notes App

This might seem obvious, but the notes app is your best friend. Use the app to create a list of your expenses throughout out and compile a list of your monthly and annual expenses. 

Since you can log as you go, this will encourage you to create a realistic figure of how much you spend and how you can allocate finances to fulfill these expenses without overspending. 

You can also keep track of unnecessary spending you may subconsciously engage in and lead you to pocket-friendly solutions or funds reallocation, such as making food at home instead of ordering in to save money and utilizing the savings for utility payments.   

  1. Apps for Tracking Expenses

Simple expenditure tracker applications can help you keep track of your everyday expenses. If you use one of the numerous free cost tracker apps available, read app store reviews to see what other users think of them. 

  1. Set Up Bill-Paying Reminders

You can set up reminders for your calendar’s events, it will send you a reminder when a payment is coming up soon, and you will remember to pay them this way. 

Don’t be concerned if you’re not used to using a digital calendar. Bill pay reminders may still be set up on your phone utilizing applications. This is a smart alternative if you “live by a planner” and will visit it frequently.

  1. Make Your Payments Automatic

One advantage of paying bills online is the ability to set up automated payments sent out on the same day each month. This option can save time and relieve concerns about missing a payment and incurring late penalties or financing costs.

Automated payments are best suited for reoccurring or monthly costs that are the same amount. Use regular payments for variable costs, such as credit cards and utilities, only if you know the account has enough funds to meet an unexpectedly big amount.

  1. Set Up Mobile Payments

Apple Pay is built into all of Apple’s mobile devices, including the Apple Watch and iPhone. This platform may be used to pay for items online, in apps, and in physical stores—any outlet that accepts contactless payments will take Apple Pay. 

Google Pay debuted a year after Apple’s payment system debuted. Both platforms function similarly—their primary aim is to allow you to pay at physical establishments swiftly, but the technology has also made its way into applications and online shopping. Google Pay is available on phones, tablets, and WearOS watches. 

Both can assist you in keeping track of your expenditures and paying your payments on time! But if you want to rely on something other than these apps, consider looking in a digital billing payment reminder such as Telecom.

  1. Make Use Of A Personal Finance App

With a personal financial app, you’ll find it simpler to pay bills, keep track of credit cards and credit card payments, monitor cash flow, and much more. It is unlike your typical budgeting or bill management tool since it does much more than just track your spending and finances.

  1. Download Banking Apps

All banks these days have an online banking or e-banking option that you can utilize to have your finances in your hand truly. You can keep track of your spending habits and use banking apps to pay bills, make investments and automate certain payments, such as utilities.


Achieving long-term financial stability requires meticulous planning and unwavering commitment. One essential aspect of this process is effectively monitoring your spending habits, which serves as a crucial tool in staying on track. Fortunately, your smartphone can play a pivotal role by securely storing and utilizing your bank information, enabling you to make quick, secure, and contactless payments. It may appear a little futuristic, but you can quickly understand how having your finances at your fingertips simplifies your life.

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