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7 Simple Tips on Growing Your Subscription Business in 2022


Did you know that Netflix has more than 222 million subscribers from across the globe as of 2022? A subscription business is one of the most lucrative types of business that you can run and own. It makes things like product shipping and order fulfillment much easier for everyone involved.

A subscription business model is effective because you’ll have income coming in each month from your customers rather than when your customers make a purchase. If you’re looking for subscription business ideas and you don’t know how to get started then that is okay.

You’ve come to the right place to learn about seven simple and helpful tips that will enable your subscription business to take off. Keep reading this article to learn more!

1. Determine Your Upsell Strategy

Upselling is one of the most classic and successful sales techniques that you can implement for your subscription business. Upselling is what allows your customer to upgrade to a higher level of service when they’re subscribing to your business. Each tier or plan has different features but also costs the customers more.

A perfect example of this is companies that are focused on providing cloud storage to customers. You can get 20GB of storage for one price, but they’ll offer you the chance to upgrade to 500GB of cloud storage for a much larger price if you need additional storage. 

Upselling has also become a part of the subscription business model for Software-as-a-Service companies. The ability to generate reports for your business out of a software program is a feature that could be part of your upsell strategy for your business model.

If you achieve the desired results with upselling then you’ll see a ton of revenue start to cascade into your business. You’ll generate recurring income that continues to grow with each upsell that occurs.

2. Have Add-Ons

Add-ons are another great thing to include when you’re trying to grow your subscription business. Add-ons work in a similar fashion to upselling. You provide a new and additional feature to the customer and you charge them additional money to use it. Your customers will get a better deal because they can customize the service that they get to match their needs.

Your customers will be much happier because they won’t be wasting money on a bunch of features that they don’t need in order to get the ones that they really want. A great example of this is with cable or satellite TV companies.

These companies will do their best to put desirable channels into service packages that come with a bunch of channels that you know you’ll never watch. Odds are that customers would pay more to get that one channel that they want without the need for the others. That is a big part of successful subscription fulfillment services.

3. Create New and Updated Versions

Another great way to grow your subscription business is to focus on creating a new or updated version of the service that you’re providing. If you’ve focused on working with other businesses then perhaps you can find a way to tailor your services or goods towards consumers.

Do your research and think about if there is another target market that could get great value out of your product or service if you tweaked it just a bit. You could cater your product to a much larger audience and watch your product or service thrive. Doing this will also attract new subscribers while also getting previous subscribers to upgrade.

4. Charge Setup Fees

There is also the option of charging set up fees to your customers depending on the goods that you sell. Perhaps you sell electronic equipment that is difficult to install if you don’t have previous experience. You can make sure that you have trained technicians with the necessary skills to do the installations and offer that service for an additional fee.

You could get a new revenue stream from offering these services to customers if your business model is focused on selling specialized technology or equipment. Most customers don’t want to do the work necessary to set up or fix equipment and software. You can generate additional income for your subscription business by doing it yourself and charging the customer.

5. Provide Services for Businesses

Similar to tweaking your goods or services to meet a different target audience’s needs, you can also change your product or service to meet the needs of businesses. If you’re running a software company that focuses on business-to-business transactions then you should look to provide services that become a huge part of the business workflow.

You can charge a premium for your business services and generate more revenue for your subscription business.

6. Boost Customer Support

If you want to have success with a subscription business model then you need to have your customer support ready to go. The entire basis of SaaS is to provide customers with the support that they need in order to get the job done.

You can provide your subscribing members a boost of customer service by having your customer service representatives available 24/7 in case anything goes wrong. These experts will troubleshoot your issues and make sure that you get the help that you need.

7. Use Licensing

If your subscription business focuses on producing software for businesses and consumers then you should look at using licensing to build your revenue stream. Customers will love this because it allows them to ramp up their order fulfillment and product shipping while also scaling their business along with their software solutions.

Take Your Subscription Business to New Heights

Running a subscription business can prove to be quite lucrative but there are certain things that you should do in order to grow the number of subscribers. Make sure that you’re upselling your services or products and that you start charging setup fees. You should also be ready and willing to use licensing if your business focuses on providing software to businesses and consumers.

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