Travel6 Ways Proxies Help Travel Aggregators’ Businesses

6 Ways Proxies Help Travel Aggregators’ Businesses


The number of consumers traveling today may have increased the size of the travel market in 2022. This is why there is a need for travel aggregators. By using a public IP address, the website may locate and identify your device. Your IP address being publicly displayed might have several bad effects. This is where using proxies is necessary.

What is a Proxy?

A proxy serves as the user’s point of contact with the website they are trying to visit. The proxy server will first receive a request from the user when they want to access something.

Once the user’s IP address has been modified, the proxy will submit the request to the website. The information is transferred back to the proxy after being approved by the website, where it is filtered for risk and harmful activity. Then it is provided back to the user to view.

The proxy effectively creates a wall between your IP address and the websites you access because it has a unique, independent IP address. The term “proxy server” and the word “proxy” are frequently used interchangeably. Even though the two terms might sometimes be used interchangeably, their meanings are distinct.

Proxy servers are the equipment used to store and maintain a large number of proxy IPs. Whereas proxies are the IP addresses used to communicate with websites covertly.

What Is a Travel Aggregator Business?

Travel aggregators make it easy to look for the best travel offers on many websites on your behalf. You can find the best flights quickly and easily using these systems, which are also quite user-friendly. Additionally, they are useful for finding the finest hotel and lodging prices.

Travel aggregators have all this information in one place. This makes it simple for customers to make smarter travel selections. This includes assisting customers in choosing the cheapest flight to any destination and notifying them about specials.

To get over geo-restrictions, proxies are also required for travel aggregation. You cannot, for instance, use UK-only flight booking websites from the US. You can do this with UK proxies; all you have to do is a change to a UK IP address.

Six Ways Proxies Assist Travel Aggregator Businesses

Proxy servers are excellent for browsing the web on your own, but they’re probably even better for corporations as a whole. Here are some strategies for using a proxy to advance corporate operations as a travel aggregator:

1.   It Provides Security and Prevents Data Breaches

Proxies are a useful tool for information retrieval and security in the context of travel aggregators. Proxy servers enable information to be accessed from multiple websites without even requiring a shared IP address

When searching any website for travel information, proxies make sure that the real information is accessed. and it also makes sure the action may be repeated without worrying about being tracked.

Proxies are a terrific technique to protect data and stop fatal data breaches. Especially for a firm that has a lot of private or sensitive information kept on its servers.

2.   It Helps to Place Restrictions on Devices

A proxy can be useful if you’re concerned that your staff is visiting potentially hazardous or time-wasting websites all day. Websites and networks that are unsafe or inappropriate can be blocked using proxy servers.

Administrators can utilize the proxy server to limit which devices have access to the network. They can also limit which websites those devices can view. This helps prevent employees from unintentionally picking up viruses on their work PCs.

Administrators can limit the amount of time that business devices are permitted to spend on harmful websites.

3.   To Create Multiple Social Media Accounts

Multiple accounts on social networking sites can be made using proxies. The majority of websites will detect and block several accounts connected to a single IP address. However, if you have several proxy IP addresses, you can set up as many accounts as you like.

This approach will enable you to have as many social profiles as you require without being thrown off the site. For example, if your travel aggregator business has multiple locations.

4.   For Web Scraping

The ability to carry out extensive market research rapidly and effectively using web scraping is another response to the question of why employ proxies. Web scraping is the term for automated data collection carried out by a bot. With the help of an effective data scraper, you can gather significant amounts of data quickly and have it delivered to you in a tidy Excel or CSV file.

However, the majority of websites are quite sensitive to this type of extensive data gathering. The scrapers are not technically acting improperly, but they behave like malware. Additionally, websites swiftly ban them when they are discovered.

Proxy servers are the ideal solution to this issue since they offer different IP addresses for the scrapers to utilize once a ban has been enforced. You can quickly and effectively scrape enormous amounts of data thanks to them.

Companies that engage in travel aggregation can use proxies to web scrape (extract information from any sources which provide information) through pertinent travel companies. It aids your present customers by providing them with the answers to the questions you have in hand.

The following are some ways that such effective data collection might benefit your travel aggregator company:

  • SEO – Some proxies are designed specifically for SEO research, which can help you swiftly gather information like the keywords that your rivals are ranking for. By improving your SEO approach, you can make it easier for clients to find you.
  • Sentiment analysis is the practice of examining the thoughts and feelings that underlie a piece of writing. Proxy servers can power this process to assist you in gathering pertinent data rapidly so that you can measure consumer opinions, better cater your services to them, and much more. Here is further information on utilizing proxies for sentiment analysis.
  • Competitive price – Product pricing is one aspect that can make or ruin an e-commerce firm. Getting information from your competitors’ pricing lists can help you determine competitive pricing and offer you an advantage over them.

5.   For Faster Connections and Location Switching

Your ability to connect from servers all over the world by employing proxies can greatly increase the speed at which you can access some websites.

• One of the most common uses for proxies for travel aggregators is to change the location from which you are accessing through a proxy server. People frequently prefer to use a proxy IP to access content that is only accessible in particular countries, even though we don’t support utilizing proxies in a way that breaches the terms of service of any website or business.

You can use a proxy to stay connected and finish important chores if you are traveling to a nation that prohibits your social networks or other websites you need to access for work.

6.   To Combat Bans

An IP ban is a block that a server sets up to deny requests coming from a specific IP address or range of IP addresses. An IP address can be blocked from accessing a website, forum, email account, or game server using an IP ban on a server.

The issue of IP address banning is addressed via proxies. A proxy offers you a different IP address that you can use to connect to the website.


In recent years, there has been significant growth in the travel industry. The travel industry has established itself in the travel market with so many airlines and travel firms sprouting up on every corner. Hence proxies have proven to be very useful to travel aggregator businesses.

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