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6 Things to Do on Your Next Trip to Plymouth, England


Plymouth is a city in the Southwest of England, known as the birthplace of English naval history and the place where Sir Francis Drake set sail on his circumnavigation of the globe. It is also home to some spectacular sites. 

Read on for our guide to six things you can do when visiting this historic port city.

#1 Visit the Plymouth Gin Distillery

You can tour the facility and taste their award-winning gins in their tasting room. They produce a special edition bottle each year. So, if you want to take home some gin from your trip to Plymouth, visit this distillery.

The first sale of the Plymouth Gin was recorded on December 23rd, 1793, when John Pine sold it at his grocery shop on Union Street (now known as Parade). This is where you will find this distillery today, alongside shops, restaurants, pubs, and hotels that have been standing since then.

#2 Tour a Historic Sailing Ship

Sailing ships are an important part of our history. They remind us of how people navigated before there were GPS systems and engines on boats, giving us a glimpse into what life was like hundreds of years ago on the water. 

If you want to learn more about this maritime tradition or enjoy seeing some beautiful boats, going on a tour of these historic vessels might be perfect for you. Visiting one is not always easy, though. After all, not every city has one nearby where tourists can board easily. So, if possible, try visiting them in Plymouth. It is known as “The Home Town Of Sailing,” and there are plenty of options available within walking distance from each other.

#3 Visit the National Marine Aquarium

The National Marine Aquarium is a very fun place to visit with kids. There are several exhibits to see and many different fish, sea creatures, and marine animals to explore. It is located in Plymouth, England, and has been open since 2001.

The aquarium is filled with a variety of exhibits that showcase some amazing animals, including penguins, sharks, rays, and seahorses. There are also special areas for children, including an interactive discovery zone where they can explore their own world under the sea safely.

#4 Take a Day Trip to Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park is an ideal place to visit with the whole family. The park contains a variety of landscapes, including moorland and valleys, lakes, and rivers that are great for hiking through. There are also several different trails in Dartmoor National Park that you can take up depending on your preferences and fitness level. The park is also home to many species of wildlife, such as deer, buzzards, rabbits, and ponies. 

You have to be aware of the weather around you during the visit. Poor weather conditions, like high temperatures and humidity, or heavy rainfall, can ruin the experience. So, keep an eye on the weather forecast, preferably using a weather app like Tomorrow that provides real-time weather updates. By following the weather in Plymouth on Tomorrow’s weather app, you can know when to visit the park, what to wear for your trip, and what to carry with you in case the weather suddenly turns bad.

#5 See the Royal Citadel

The Royal Citadel is a historic fortress that was used for hundreds of years, starting in the 16th century. It is located in Plymouth, just a few miles from the town center.

The main attraction at the Royal Citadel is its guided tour – a 90-minute tour through all four floors and towers of this impressive structure. You will hear stories about how the Citadel has been used over time to defend England against invaders like Napoleon Bonaparte and Oliver Cromwell. You will also learn about some of its other uses, like as a prison during World War II.

Visiting Plymouth’s Royal Citadel does not cost much. Admission is free, and there are no additional fees for taking photos or videos while there. However, if you want to go inside one building on site (called Crownhill Fort), it costs £6 per adult ticket (about $7) and £4 per child ticket (about $5).

#6 Visit Saltram House

This National Trust property is a Palladian villa that was built in 1758 by the artist John Singleton Copley. It is part of a larger estate that also houses two other historic buildings – Parkhouse and Church House. 

Saltram House has been open to the public since 1868. Its restoration was completed in 2004 after being damaged by fire in 2001. It is a site of historical importance and the perfect tourist attraction to check out if you are into 18th-century architecture. 

Plymouth is a great place to visit if you want some peace and quiet while still being somewhat close to London. So, if you are ever in England and want to experience something different for a change, Plymouth is the place to visit.

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