Business6 Factors to Think About Before Purchasing Leather Couches

6 Factors to Think About Before Purchasing Leather Couches


Couches upholstered in leather exude an air of sophisticated elegance. Natural leather furniture is expensive, but it will last many years and is worth the investment. The only people who could afford leather couches were wealthy. A leather couch is now within the financial reach of just about everybody. 

There are a wide range of leather lounges in Sydney available at various price points, materials, designs, and dimensions. Do your homework to ensure that the lounge you purchase suits your space and needs. What are some important considerations?

1. Feel The Surface:

Many consumers wrongly assume that any leather they purchase is genuine. In search of a compromise between budget and quality, many homeowners choose imitation leather. But how do you tell them apart? The surface of genuine leather is not perfectly smooth. You can count on it to be groovy and a little wonky. On the other hand, faux leather has a soft, silky texture. The vendor should be able to help you distinguish between the two if you are experiencing problems.

All of Sydney Furniture Factory’s leather couches and chairs are upholstered in genuine cowhide. They have a wide variety of models, from conventional high back to contemporary slim designs with adjustable backrests.

2. Observe the Packaging:

True leather couches and chairs will always have “genuine leather” printed on the tag. Brand names are easy to spot since manufacturers are eager to assure customers that their products are authentic. There’s a reasonable probability it’s not real if there isn’t a label on it. As of 2019, it is predicted that each EU resident will generate 178.1 kilograms of packaging waste (varying from 74.0 kg per inhabitant in Croatia and 228.0 kg per inhabitant in Ireland). 

European Union countries generated the most “paper and cardboard” garbage (32.3 million tonnes in 2019) between 2009 and 2019, followed by plastic and glass (15.4 million tonnes for plastic and 15.2 million tonnes for glass waste materials in 2019).

3. Shop At a Trusted Retailer:

The availability of leather couches in retail establishments increases annually. It would help if you only bought furniture from a reputable shop with a long track record of satisfying clients with high-quality, long-lasting pieces. 

Formulation of a Cost:

The price of genuine leather is typically much more than its synthetic counterpart. However, it’s possible to find expensive imitation lounge furniture. 

4. Ask For a Sample Swatch:

The shop ought to have scraps available for you to try out. It would help if you painted all sides of it so that it blends in with the lounge’s decor. Remember that the grain pattern won’t be uniform across the board. As a result, the design will be unique, but the colors should coordinate.

5. Stretch It Out

Check the leather’s longevity before committing to the sofa. The swatch can be stretched to determine its durability over time. Pulling the swatch will show you exactly how the leather will look when you get your leather sofa from the manufacturer.

6. UV Rays from The Sun

In which room of your house do you envision the lounge being situated? Make sure it won’t get too much sun. Your sofa will fade and become discolored if it is exposed to sunlight for long periods. In addition, it could dry up and break if kept near sources of high heat, such as vents, space heaters, or radiators.

Different Fashions of Leather Chaises

It turns out that three primary varieties of (often cow) hide are utilized in producing sofas. These include:

  • Full grain

Full grain hides, which have not been sanded or buffed to remove defects, are widely considered to be of the most excellent quality. Since this is a natural process, the material is more robust, long-lasting, and breathable than other hide types.

  • Prime cut

Contrary to its name, top grain hide is not of the highest quality and is typically ranked below even whole grain. A finishing coat has been sanded and applied to the top grain. This makes the leather less breathable and durable than full grain hide but more stain resistant.

  • Split

Because it is constructed from the second or third layer, split hides are less expensive than full-grain leather, but they are also more prone to stretching and breaking.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to pick out the perfect leather lounges in Sydney chairs for your home. Before making a final purchase decision, it’s a good idea to research and check out three different stores. One of life’s worst disappointments is bringing home a new sofa set only to find that it doesn’t quite fit the bill.

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