Business6 Essential Components for Small Business IT Support Services

6 Essential Components for Small Business IT Support Services


Small businesses in New York can’t afford to waste time and resources on inefficient business management. This is why partnering with managed IT services in New York is such a valuable solution – they offer the right things. 

Modern business is very much defined by its integration with the internet and other digital solutions – not to mention the long-term ubiquity of computers in the business world. This means that businesses need to have their technology managed efficiently – because failure to do so can result in money and time lost, and even damages to reputation.

Small businesses are particularly in need of the best possible IT support, because their smaller stature makes them more vulnerable to the ramifications of technology-related problems. We discussed this with TechQuarters, a provider of IT support services in London that SMBs have been using for more than 12 years. We asked them how small businesses can ensure that they are getting the best possible IT support service.

What is Small Business IT Support?

Many businesses nowadays outsource their IT support and management to professional service providers like TechQuarters providers of IT Support in London. With the level of experience and expertise that is needed to manage IT in the best possible way, it can be much more cost effective for businesses to hire professionals to do it for them. Many professional IT service providers offer specialised services designed for small businesses, who in particular will benefit from reliable, efficient management of their IT.

Any small business that is looking to pay for a professional IT support service should make sure they look for one that includes the following components:

  1. Unlimited access

First and foremost, a small business should ensure that the IT support service they are paying for allows them unlimited access to support. For example, TechQuarters’ IT support services have a helpdesk that clients can call, and a team of field support engineers who perform callouts. A good IT support service should allow their clients to use these resources on an unrestricted basis each month. If a business is relying on a service provider for 100% of their IT support needs, then it is a no-brainer that they will need unlimited access.

  1. Round-the-clock server & network monitoring

With professional IT support services, businesses that rely on their provider for 100% of their IT needs will be getting support that is 100% remote – meaning they will not have any IT staff on-premises who are ready to spring into action when something is amiss. Due to this, a good small business IT support service should have round-the-clock monitoring for their client’s IT infrastructure, so that they know about problems as quickly as possible.

  1. Account management & service reports

As with any kind of professional, paid-for service, it is important to know that you are getting what you need from your IT support service. This means that service reporting and account management is an important component to small business IT support. For instance, the IT support Guildford and London businesses receive from TechQuarters comes with dedicated account management, which allows businesses to have a point of contact with the company. Reporting also gives businesses an easy look into how well the service they are paying for is performing.

  1. New technology advice

The world of information technology is rapidly changing all the time. With advancements in existing technologies, and the development of new technologies, it can be hard for the average small business to keep up with what is new and, more importantly, what might be available and useful to them. This is where a good professional IT support provider can come in to help. Providers like TechQuarters are much more in tune with the latest developments in the IT industry (as it is an industry they are active participants in). This means that partnering with an IT support provider can make it easier for small businesses to learn about, and access new technologies that can help their organisation.

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