Education5 Ways To Become CPR Certified

5 Ways To Become CPR Certified


It is extremely beneficial to become certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In fact, CPR has saved lives and is simple to learn and get certified in. For your convenience, countries with dedicated heart and health associations, host a variety of seminars and classes. Some of these organizations include the American Heart Association (AHA) and Red Cross.

This skill may be required in certain occupations such as childcare, healthcare, and occupational therapy, and it is a useful skill to have.

This article contains a lot of information about CPR certification and CPR renewal. However, first, it is important you know what CPR is, for those reading and hearing about this for the first time.

Who knows, this could be your next big break because there are so many job opportunities in this field.

What is CPR?

CPR is cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is a life-saving procedure performed in an emergency when the heart stops beating. After a cardiac arrest, immediate CPR can double or triple the chances of survival.

The goal of CPR is to create a world in which no one dies from cardiac arrest. In the United States, numerous Americans die from cardiac arrest each year. However, with your assistance, the figure can be reduced drastically.

But first, you will have to undergo CPR training for your CPR certification. Then, your certification will be valid for two years. After that, you can extend your certification and stay updated with the latest techniques through abbreviated CPR and first-aid renewal classes.

CPR Online Renewal

Change is constant. As a result, companies demand their staff to always go for CPR renewal certification. There are online CPR renewal organizations that deal mainly in CPR certification renewal. You can either get this certification online or on-site from certified training facilities such as first aid training ottawa. You are not required to wait weeks for your certification.

You do not have to wait for your certificate to expire before renewing it. You should have renewed your certificate six months before it expires. It is not difficult at all, especially now that CPR renewal can be done online.

A four-hour CPR course is sufficient to obtain certification from an accredited platform. With the increase of flexible CPR recertification online, you can now choose to take your course in shorter sections or all at once.

5 Ways to Become CPR-Certified

Understanding how to obtain a CPR certification may enable you to assist people who are in medical distress and unable to seek help on their own. The steps to becoming certified are outlined below.

1.   Determine the Type of CPR Certification You Seek

Not all CPR certifications are the same. You have to do some research to see which one perfectly fits your professional goals before enrolling.

You can enroll in an adult CPR class, which teaches students the fundamental CPR techniques that can be used on adults. Some of the techniques they learn are applicable to teenagers and children over the age of eight.

In addition, you can pursue pediatric-specific training if you work with infants, toddlers, or young children.

2.   Make Sure You Enroll in an Accredited Course

Almost any commercial corporation can organize CPR classes and issue a certificate proving that you’ve received training. However, most employers will only accept classes that have been approved by the National Safety Council, American Heart Association, or American Red Cross.

So, before enrolling in a course, check with your employer to see what classes they accept.

3.   Register for And Attend the Class

Now, you can enroll in the class that meets your needs. Tutors will teach you the correct form and techniques of CPR.

To learn the techniques you must take your training very seriously. Here is a list of what you can do to to learn faster and better:

  • Take notes
  • Watch the instructor’s demonstrations
  • Study the take-home materials
  • When you’re ready, practice on the models
  • If you have any questions, ask the instructor so that they can correct you if necessary.

4.   Write and Pass the End Test

This stage is what will determine if you will get certified. Here, you take the test that grants you CPR certification with a passing score at the end of your class.

Students are frequently required to demonstrate their knowledge in person during the exam. Some tests can sometimes even include a written component for students to demonstrate their understanding of specifics such as the ideal depth and number of compressions.

5.   Renew When Needed

Some employers make it mandatory for their personnel to renew their CPR certifications. This renewal demonstrates that they are still knowledgeable about CPR. Depending on the original course, you may have to retake it or undergo a shortened renewal process.

What can you expect from a CPR course?

CPR classes typically begin with a brief overview of CPR guidelines. You’ll then be taught how to prepare for medical emergencies like cardiac arrest, choking, and strokes.

In medical emergencies, everyone panics. CPR training teaches you how to overcome your fear and take instant action. Understanding the distinctions between emergencies will help you feel more confident in the event of a medical emergency.

The length of your online CPR course is determined by how you divide the curriculum. If you’re taking online classes, separating adult CPR, infant CPR, and children CPR is an effective way to divide your curriculum.

Let’s look into the different types of CPR courses below:

  • Adult CPR: teaches you all you need to know in the event of a cardiac arrest in an adult. The steps for adult CPR differ from those for child and infant CPR. To begin, dial 911. Then, ask another bystander to find an AED and start chest compressions. This course covers a lot. Another thing you will be taught is; How to provide adequate ventilation for patients who are unable to breathe, etc.
  • Child CPR: Chest compressions should begin immediately in child CPR. After two minutes of chest compressions and rescue breathing, dial 911 and resume CPR. All that the adult CPR course teaches is covered in the online child CPR class. They do, however, take an hour or two longer because you must learn how to act to different age groups.
  • Infant CPR: Babies are more delicate, way more than adults. That is why infant CPR courses differ from those for children and adults. You should not shake the baby like a child or an adult to confirm that he or she is unconscious. Instead, flick the soles of their feet and shout. This course is very important. As a result, a lot is put into it.

Final Thought

To become CPR certified, enroll in a general CPR course by searching for courses in your area online. You can use keywords like; “CPR certification near me”, “CPR training near me” or “CPR classes near me”.

You could also sign up for a basic first-aid course. Before you enroll, make sure the program is accredited by a reputable organization such as the Red Cross or AHA. In addition, there will be a fee to take the course. The course will then take about 2 hours, after which you will receive your certification.

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