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5 Unique Things to Do During a Trip to Chicago


Chicago is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, and it is no wonder why! Chicago has some of the most unique tourist experiences the Midwest has to offer. From immersive art and science exhibits to turtle racing to helicopter tours, there is so much to see and do in Chicago. 

Keep reading for five unique things we recommend when planning a trip to Chicago. 

Unique Things to Do on a Trip to Chicago

Perhaps you’ve been to Chicago a few times by now, or you just want to avoid the heavy tourist spots. Sure, the Willis Tower is amazing, but do you want to spend your vacation in Chicago waiting in line? Chicago has a lot of unique and unusual things to do while you’re there!

These are our top 5 unique things to do while in Chicago 

1. Visit the WNDR Exhibits

This is far from your standard art museum. The WNRD Museum is a sensory immersion to modern art, stoking all of your senses from every angle. The exhibits are constantly changing and evolving, so is it never the same twice. 

With dozens of installations from artists all over the world, the WNDR Museum is sure to be a memorable experience. 

2. Enter a Turtle Race

Big Joe’s may seem like a standard pub from the outside, but inside is an experience like no other- turtle racing. Yes… turtle racing. 

For each drink you purchase, you earn race tickets for the big races. If your ticket is called, you are assigned a turtle to race for. The fastest turtle wins!

The turtles are beloved by the community, and the atmosphere in the bar is through the roof. Be sure to get there early and stock up on tickets for the best chance of racing. 

3. Immerse in Science at the Museum of Science and Industry 

There is nothing quite like the Museum of Science and Industry. Chicago has a rich industrial history, and this museum is a monument to that. If you are a science enthusiast of any age, you will love this museum. 

The entirety of this massive building is covered in interactive and engaging exhibits, from a coal mine simulator to a submarine to a floor-to-ceiling tornado simulator. Every square inch of the museum captures your attention- it is easy to get spend an entire day in here and still be itching for more. 

4. Take a Helicopter Tour 

The best way to see Chicago is from above! Chicago has some of the oldest skyscrapers in the world, but is it impossible to get a good view of them from the busy streets. 

A helicopter is the best way to see it all, from Chicago’s incredible architecture to the expansive blue water of Lake Michigan. This iconic skyline is a must-see when in Chicago. This company offers one of the most comprehensive helicopter tours around. 

5. Hike the 606

This once-abandoned train line now is used as one of the coolest outdoor spaces in Chicago. The 606 is an elevated bike trail that takes you through almost 3 miles of parks, outlooks, and public art in Chicago. 

Stop along your ride at the Exelon Observatory or Julia de Burgos Park for relaxation along the way. This path is also a great way to step out of the bustling downtown for an afternoon. 

Plan a Trip to Chicago Today 

Chicago is one of the most exciting places to visit this year. From touristy spots to one-of-a-kind attractions, Chicago has something for everyone. Plan your trip to Chicago today! 

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