Fitness5 Tried and True Strategies for Boosting Gym Sales

5 Tried and True Strategies for Boosting Gym Sales


This is a problematic situation in which we find ourselves. Out-of-control inflation is causing consumers to reduce their discretionary expenditures. As a result of the pandemic, individuals have more reasons to exercise at home without signing up for an expensive gym membership. Gyms face a risk to their bottom lines from all of these causes. You will struggle if your sales team isn’t throttling on all engines. So that you can provide your sales team with the most effective tools possible, we’ve compiled a list of five tried-and-true methods for boosting gym sales that can be included in your sales training.

A summary of the tactics we’ll be discussing before diving into the details are as follows:

  1. A Gift for All
  1. Conduct Mock-Ups
  1. Utilize a Printed Rate Sheet
  1. Inquire Regarding Recommendations
  1. Sharpen Your Ability to Find New Clients

A Gift for All

You will make no baskets if you don’t take any shots during a basketball game. In the same way, you can’t get people to join your gym if you don’t give them an offer. So, train your sales team to anticipate making a pitch to every customer that comes through the door. However, this does not imply they should be pushy with everyone they meet.

Everyone you speak to is a potential customer when you’re in sales. You can’t predict whether they won’t purchase from you since you can’t read their minds when you handle someone like a VIP and assume that they will react positively; most of the time, they will. The sale is out of reach if you pass judgment on the customer beforehand.

Your employees must be taught to confidently and casually convey the information customers need to purchase in a way that puts them at ease.

Conduct Mock-Ups

A crucial part of sales training that frequently gets overlooked is conducting mock-ups. Employees may rehearse the pitch with walk-ins, phone follow-up, and the many methods to seek for sale, avoiding coming across as pushy by role-playing on one another. In front of a genuine prospect, they should have had enough opportunity to hone their delivery to the point where it seems natural. That way, they may relax and be themselves with the buyer.

During mock-ups, the individual representing the client should act out various scenarios and personas to test multiple responses. This will benefit your salesperson to be ready for any situation. If your sales crew is well-prepared for every eventuality, they will have a far better chance of making sales.

The objective of conducting mock-ups is to help your sales staff put themselves in the shoes of the people they are trying to sell to. Because of this, they will be able to assess the circumstance and modify their strategy accordingly.

Utilize a Printed Rate Sheet

Prepare a printed pricing rate list when meeting with a consumer to make a sale. Use this pricing list to provide the consumer options before closing the deal. To assist people in reaching their objectives, you should draw attention to two distinct paths.

Offering several options increases the likelihood that a customer will make a purchase, as opposed to only giving them a choice to purchase or not. Take advantage of this by constantly providing a nearby option comparable to the one just shown.

Keep a red marker handy while you review the pre-printed rate sheet with the buyer. Standard, non-exceptional joining costs should be included in the numbers provided. That way, you may make a great deal of erasing the old prices and replacing them with the new discounted ones. A potential buyer’s psyche may be profoundly affected by this.

Inquire Regarding Recommendations

One of the hallmarks of a successful salesman is their forward-thinking attitude. One effective strategy is to seek recommendations from those you sign up for. Although it ought to be common practice, many fitness center salespeople fail to do so. It might be awkward for them to ask for recommendations. They should either deal with it or find another profession.

Potential new customers are like oxygen for your company. There will be no sales if you can’t engage the public. Use signups as a source of referrals.

Asking for a reference is something you should concentrate on in your sales seminars. Your employees will feel more comfortable asking for referrals if they understand how to do it in a casual, unforced manner.

Sharpen Your Ability To Find New Clients

While a knack for sales is essential, it won’t matter if you have nothing to offer and aren’t bringing in new potential customers. The sales staff should have daily goals, such as raking in ten new leads. You can get some names by asking people for referrals, but it won’t be enough.

Prospecting isn’t about finding customers who are ready to purchase right now. You will be responsible for arousing the attention and passion of the prospective buyer.


A simple formula to boost gym sales does not exist. These five methods are not novel by any stretch of the imagination. These strategies are the result of actual training in actual gyms, so you know they work.

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