Travel3 Leh Ladakh Bike Road Trip For Thoughtful Travellers

3 Leh Ladakh Bike Road Trip For Thoughtful Travellers


Every biker longs for fulfilling a dream of going on a bike trip to Leh-Ladakh at least once in their lifetime. While they dream of a beautiful & flawless journey, reality does transform the same and come into contact with many lapses. Having assumed that bikers will be meeting a few hurdles on a rugged landscape like the one of Leh and Ladakh, the trip will be a thrilling act. To make your travelling journey smooth we have provided the best 3 Leh Ladakh bike road trips route that you can take for a relaxing and thoughtful journey. Let’s start understanding why these routes are the best.

Perfect time for the Leh Ladakh bike trip

June to September is considered the best time to go on a Leh Ladakh bike trip. These months are suggested because these months offer the best scenic views for your thoughtful experience. As no rain or snowfall at this time so it is safe as well. Except for the monsoon season, the beautiful journey of Lel Ladakh offers fascinating panoramas that you will cherish for your lifetime. Apart from this time some of the bike lovers go on a bike trip to Ladakh at the time of the New Year but if you are an experienced one and have done bike riding on difficult terrain before you can consider December holidays or New Year time as well for Ladakh bike tour.

Perfect duration for the Leh Ladakh bike trip

The time your bike trip will consume totally depends on the route you have selected for the trip. The fewer milestones you cover the less time it will take. The duration also depends on the starting site and end site of your Ladakh tour. If you consider your bike trip starting point as Delhi then to cover then Delhi-Ladakh can take anything between 15-18 days for a complete trip. You can take a flight or any other transportation to reach Manali start your bike tour from there and it would take around 10 days to cover Ladakh.

3 Leh Ladakh Bike Road Trip Route

1st Route: Delhi To Leh And Back

Location Covered: Delhi → Manali → Sarchu → Leh → Khardung La → Nubra Valley → Kargil → Srinagar → Delhi

Total Distance Covered: 2,022 kilometres (Approximately)

You can start your trip from the capital city New Delhi and go to Manali first. Here you can visit Hadimba Devi and Manu temple, Mall road, Van Vihar, Jogini Falls. From here you can travel to Leh via Sarchu. Near to Khardung La pass, you can explore multiple locations such as Thiksey Monastery, Nubra Valley, Gurdwara Pathar Sahib, Diskit Gompa, Changla Pass, Tanglang La, Shanti Stupa, Hemis Monastery. After covering some of these destinations you can come to Srinagar via the Kargil route. On this way as well many sightseeing places are there where you can stop by and relax. Finally, it is time to get back where you have started via Srinagar to Delhi route.

2nd Route: Srinagar To Leh

Location Covered: Srinagar → Sonamarg → Lamayuru → Leh

Total Distance Covered: 430 kilometres (Approximately)

This is a short duration bike trip that covers limited locations. By kick-starting your journey from Srinagar and taking the route of NH1, you can take a glimpse of Sonamarg after a few kilometres. Taking the road ahead after around 200 km distance you will reach Lamayuru. This is a suitable place for a night stay and there are many nearby sites for sightseeing such as Alchi Monastery, Lamayuru Monastery, MoonLand, Uleytokpo and Wanla Gompa. Starting your journey, after covering more than 100 kilometres you will reach Leh where Magnetic Hill, Nubra Valley, Khardung La, Sarchu are the best places to visit and stop by. If you want to extend your journey a little bit Manali is a good option as the next step from here.

3rd Route: Manali To Leh

Location Covered: Kullu→ Manali → Jispa→ Billing → Sarchu → Leh

Total Distance Covered: 427 kilometres (Approximately)

Starting from Kullu-Manali this route of bike trip covers Jispa, Billing and Sarchu before reaching to Leh Ladakh. There are many sightseeing places for you on the route such as Gunehar Waterfall, Bir Market, Chokling Monastery, Sherab Ling Monastery. If you want to cover Nubra valley and Pangong then that will be a good extension provided you have some extra time in your hand.

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