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Bamboo HR Office 365 Integration


The integration allows you to work efficiently and also increases the overall data consistency and productivity. However, if you want to consider the best combination for your business, then BambooHR and Office 365 integration can be your optimum choice. 

It can alleviate the complexity with increased communication among systems, departments, and employees. Moreover, it’ll also make your tasks more organized, so you’ll stay more productive and efficient during work. 

Here, in this blog post, you’ll know all the details about BambooHR and Office 365integration, along with the possible integration options that you can choose. So, keep reading till the end.  

What is BambooHR? 

BambooHR is an HR software entirely designed for small and medium businesses and the employees who work in these businesses. 

The most significant purpose of this software is to maintain, analyze, and collect data aiding you to improve the way you hire new employees, manage compensation, and develop the company or organization culture. 

In short, it helps you to focus on your employees and people, ensuring that they are providing the best of their services. 

What is Office 365? 

Office 365 is a simple subscription model of the most popular productivity suite of Microsoft Office. It contains the same features and applications that were available in the older versions of Office, including Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, and many other purchased plans. 

It may also include services and other applications like, pdf editor free.

  •  Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Yammer
  • SharePoint
  • Access
  • Planner
  • Exchange
  • Publisher
  • SharePoint

Moreover, there are also many different packages available for businesses, students, education institutes, and many more.

Why Can Bamboo HR and Office 365 Integration be Beneficial? 

In this section, you’ll know some essential facts of how BambooHR and Office 365 integration can benefit you and your employees. 

One of the best features of BambooHR Office 365 integration is that it can send automated emails and organize the email inboxes for you. Moreover, it can also search through the conversations in your Office 365. 

Boosting the efficiency of your work is also essential especially when you have a lot of work in your task sheets. So, this integration will also boost the internal processing and even aid you in automating the operations of Bamboo HR.  

Possible Integrations You Can Choose

There are many integration options that you can choose to make your work more organized and effective. These integrations ease your work and even ensure productivity, especially when you are jam-packed with schedules and deadlines. 

Below are some of the possible integrations that you can choose: 

When This Happens (the triggers):

  • Bamboo HR gets triggered when a new employee is created
  • Bamboo HR gets triggered when there’s a Time off request
  • Office 365 gets triggered when a new contact is created
  • Office 365 gets triggered when there’s a new email
  • Office 365 gets triggered when there’s a new event
  • Office 365 gets triggered when a new event starts in your calendar
  • Office 365 gets triggered when a contact is updated
  • Office 365 gets triggered when the email is flagged
  • Office 365 gets triggered when a specific event is updated in the calendar

Do These (Actions According to Your Needs):

  • Add a new contact in Office 365 or update the contact if there are any
  • Send an email to a particular contact through Office 365
  • With Office 365, create any calendar event
  • With Office 365, categorize an email
  • With Office 365 change or the status of any email (i.e., unflag or flag an email)
  • With Office 365 search, any contact with an email address or contact id
  • With Office 365 search email with subject or body
  • With Office 365, search any event with subject or event id
  • With Bamboo HR, add any new employees

Bottom Line

BambooHR Office 365 integration will make your overall communication pretty simple, and you can also manage the tasks with proper organization. This will also make you more productive and throw off any unnecessary stress you might face during employee communication and management. 

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