TechnologyAn Overview: Pumps

An Overview: Pumps


A water pump seems to be an electro-mechanical mechanism that uses pressure to transport water from one location to another. Conventional pumps are utilised to deliver water for urban, commercial, farming, and household purposes all over the world. Water pumps are also utilised in wastewater treatment plants to transfer sewage. Conventional pumps are typically powered by an electric motor, but other sources of energy, such as petroleum or gasoline motors, are sometimes employed. Solar panels can also be used to operate tiny pumps in some isolated locations, such as arid regions. 

Water pumps categories

Positive displacement compressors and centrifugal pumps, which can provide the same function but work differently, are two main types of pumps. The basic idea behind a pump is always to utilise an engine to transform rotary or kinetic energy into energy for transferring fluid or hydraulic flow (hydrodynamic energy).

Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pumps use an impeller to transport fluid, which enters via a revolving turbine and exits by centrifugal force out via the impeller’s ends. This raises the speed and static pressure as well as pushes out towards the pump’s exit. A submerged motor is a type of centrifugal compressor.

Centrifugal pump applications

  • Water is critical for effective farming. This kind of water is frequently found in tube wells, lakes, boreholes, creeks, and canals. The most efficient way to raise water from either of these sources is with a pump mechanism. Pumps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The vacuum lift and distribution head must be considered while selecting a pump.
  • Centrifugal pumps are most typically used in farming. They are rotating machines in which a turbine rotates within a casing, sucks in liquid at its centre, and expels liquid out an orifice at the casing’s edge owing to centrifugal force.
  • Pumps are widely used in various fields to transport water from the nearby source, such as a stream, reservoir, or borehole, via pipes to a place of use or a processing facility, or something like a water reservoir or irrigation facility.
  • Centrifugal compressors are also often used for wastewater pumping since they can be simply installed in trenches and drainage systems and can transfer the suspended materials found in the sewage.

Pumps that recirculate

These are differential pressure pumps that feature an expanded cavity on the intake side of the device and a lowering cavity on the downstream side. The pump periodically fills and expels the liquid, each phase having a consistent volume regardless of the compression or pump head utilised.

Application of reciprocating pump

Positive displacement pumps are often used to transport highly viscous fluids like crude, acrylics, adhesives, and commodities. They are ideal in any application involving precise dosage or high-pressure products. Because, apart from centrifugal pumps, the outcome of a positive displacement pump is often not impacted by pressure, they are often favoured in situations where the input is irregular. The majority are self-priming.

Pumps for submersibles

Electric Submersible Circulation is the operating concept of submersible pumps. This is accomplished by reducing the incoming pressure, which lowers the load at the bottom of the shaft, where the water pump is located. An ESP platform’s motor is also intended to operate in extreme temps and high pressures; therefore, it is utilised in circumstances where very deep reservoirs are prevalent, like oil wells. Since they require specific power lines, they may be quite expensive to maintain. However, modern innovations have seen the adoption of a coiled tubing docking adapter to deliver energy to the profound motors.

Submersible pump applications

Sump pumps are great for flood defence, but they should be immersed in water to work properly. They are generally permanently connected in sump pumps. When combined with an automated float switch, they are ideal for active flood protection.

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