Why Husbands Should Fast Too This Karwa Chauth

Karva Chauth is coming and it’s another festival that needs no introduction. While all the women out there probably know the meaning of stories and the true purpose of celebrating this festival, for some of us it is a day to celebrate weddings and wish the other half a long life.

The thought for Karva Chauth is very simple: the wives do a long fast from sunrise to moonrise without food or a drop of water, and then at the end of the day they break their fast while taking the water from their husbands’ hands. A husband buys Karva Chauth special gift for wife to make her special. Sounds great, but yeah, it’s patriarchy.

But in today’s generation, not only wives but also husbands observe fast. That shows their true love relationship with each other. Here are the reasons men should fast too at this Karwa Chauth.

This is a Moral Obligation

If marriage is a communication relationship between the sexes, shouldn’t it be a natural obligation for men to step in? The fact that a woman has to give up food is equivalent to giving up what is naturally essential for the body, which, if not consumed by one sex, will bring prosperity to the other! This is a lonely process that needs to be followed.

For The Beautiful Smile On Your Wife’s Face

Amazing! Luckily for their wives, men have to fast and see the sweet smiles on their faces. Simple, clear! Do you understand?

Why Do Guys Need To Have Fun

We can really feel the pain of the women who starve because of Karva Chauth’s fast, relying on their saliva as their only source of water while husbands enjoy their food and have fun. So husbands, now it’s your turn to return the favor to your lady!


If Men Keep Fast, This is a Good Sign Of Equal Participation

Dowry, murder of women, ritual disgusting and judgmental Sati! They are not written in any Hindu script followed by really painful boredom. But not only are they closely watched in the world’s most populous democracy, but also rape, violence, and brutality against women in a country that often boasts of the spirit of Bharat Mata.

But if mothers are the source of our life (as she is) and wives and sisters are a constant source of love and support, can’t we someday show respect, appreciation, and repayment of their deep love for them? Also, imitate them in the same way that millions of people follow and practice this habit of love and trust? Can’t we admire them emotionally because they do everything for us? Think about it!

We all know why do we celebrate Karwa Chauth. So, Why can’t men skip a day of eating or fasting to help their wives? All love requires the same answer, and just as men want women to fast for you, you must be willing to do the same for them. We hope this Karwa Chauth brings out the love in you and a little smile on her pretty face. Happy Karwa Chauth to everyone out there!

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