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Who can pursue a master’s in public health & why?


If you want to help, make the world a healthier place and are committed to assisting people in need of medical care, a master’s degree in public health (MPH) is the right choice. This is advantageous to you as a medical practitioner because it provides you with happiness in your field while also providing you with satisfaction from helping those in need.

The MPH is a great option if you are passionate about helping others and want to contribute to public health organisations.

An MPH involves implementing policies aimed at improving people’s health, and you must participate in several programs, such as vaccination, family planning, and prescribing preventative medicines, some of which will impact the world positively.

Who can have a master’s in public health?

The minimum eligibility criteria for the MPH course are that you should have a bachelor’s degree in health science or a relevant field from a recognised university with a minimum grade point average of 60%.

Completing the MPH programme will take approximately two years of your time, and this programme will help you understand how to take care of and maintain the public’s health, as well as provide all health solutions that help people take care of themselves.

This course provides knowledge and training in a variety of skills, such as case studies, practical exercises, field visits, laboratory work, seminars, collaborative learning, group discussions, hands-on training, assignments, internships, and dissertations.

Why study public health at the master’s level?

A master’s degree helps you understand the different components of the study, such as medicine, social sciences, management, information technology, etc.

It helps you understand different public health modules, such as health economics and policies, health promotion, health management, demography, epidemiology and biostatistics, and others.

What are the benefits of getting a master’s in public health?

You will have umpteen employment opportunities that include health communication specialist, public relations officer, health resources professional, environmental health and safety specialist, and many more.

  • A public health professional has a great deal of responsibility, and there is a high demand for them; however, your job security is high and safe once you complete a degree in public health.
  • MPH courses help you develop health management skills, which enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of public health programmes and services.
  • As a public health manager, you will be able to successfully manage health services in both the public and private sectors, and you will be able to work in non-governmental organisations and national and multinational corporations with the degree.
  • You can work as a health educator, substance abuse counsellor, healthcare administrator, research coordinator, health engagement marketing manager, and so on. 

With a Master of Public Health Degree, you will have the skills to improve the public’s health, and it will train you to understand how to tackle the challenges that affect communities.

You will work with different sectors of the population and will have to educate the public about its healthcare practices. 

Enrol now for a master’s in public health degree and have better career opportunities as a public health officer.

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